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29 Aug

People fasinate me! 
I am a people watcher! 
It’s interesting,  everybody has their own story to tell, triamphs, losses, heartaches we all have them!  Some more then others!!  Funny how we humans learn lessons.   Sometimes, we have to go through hard times, maybe it is something read that will spark growth.  Whatever the case maybe, people learn differently. 
I know I have had to learn lessons the hard way. Im a bit on the dramaitc side!  Not to be confused with a drama queen!!  dramatic
I can complicate the simpliest situations and turn them HUGE…  Again do not confuse this with a drama queen. 
It is my opinon that drama queens  have the “look at me! look at me!” complex.  That is not me.   If I throw a tantrum I would it rather be in private! 
I was an arrogant person, not humble, I thought I knew it all.  When finally I grew up I wanted to change ALOT about me.  I wanted to STOP being the victim and really take a good look at what I had control over and what I didn’t!  When I took a good look inside I realized that I had control over MOST of the situations I PUT myself in.  It was then, that I learned lessons the easy way, and I wasn’t out to blame the world for my misgivings! 
Another lesson I learned and I learned it the hard way, is I wanted to be the VICTIM, I wanted justice for all the indignities, that i had been through, I wanted vindication and validation for the many heartbrakes/disapointments that I went through. 
I had my “Ah” moment at the strangest time.  Belive it or not it was durning the Aniston-Pitt divorce.  Jennifer Aniston handled her divorce with such class it impressed me to no end!  I thought to  myelf, “WOW…. I want to act with THAT much dignity and class should a siutation that could cause me  embarrassment.  
I am done being a victim and the less people know, the better off all parties are!!  I do not want dirty landry out in the open.  I did that enough!!  So, should I ever be faced with the gossiping ninney’s of the world, who have NOTHING else better to do then to gossip.  I am going to allow them to, and I am going to walk around with my head held high.  I am going to handle things with the grace and the class that Jennifer Aniston did!  GO TEAM ANISTON!!!!!GO TEAM ANISTON


I found myself…

28 Aug

Life has taken on a whole new monster, one I am honestly happy with.    This year has been full of extreme highs and lows… And when I say EXTREME I mean just that.  Today I was at lunch with a girlfriend of mine…  Who is having some hurdles in her personally life.  She came to me for advice…  I listened to everything she had to say and I found myself doing ALLOT of head shaking and, I found myself saying more then once “I understand”…  When I say this, I mean it.  It’s not just something I throw out there for the sake of making somebody feel better.  If I understand I will say I understand, if I don’t then, I will say ” I honestly, have no idea what you are going through but, I am here for you.” 
The final thought I had for this is simply this.  When you do not let things go it’s like a cancer it eats away at you untill you are bitter.  It disrupts your inner self.  I have been known to have this problem.   Above and beyond everything, when it all comes down to it.  I do not have TIME to dwell and harbor on things.  I have the power and the control to let things go and.  just let them be! 
It’s within every-body’s power to WANT to move on with life and let the past be just that.  The past! 

I have a few addictions!

27 Aug

I am a certified caffeine addict
( took picture down cause some guy said it was his, even though it was photobucket which makes it public domain…  My suggestion to this person?  Make sure you album on photobucket it private…  Then you will not have people using your pictures…)
I love the new iced coffee from Micky D’s!  Have you tried it? I love it!
Shoes!  I FINALLY cleaned out my closet and I put all my shoes up! and OH boy!! Do I  have a nice little collection going on…
shoes shoes and more shoes
Although I did see April’s Jessica Simpson shoes and I have to say I did covet them!  AND NO APRIL you can’t catch “stupid” NO matter how close you are to her signature!  ( wink )
Make up!  Anybody up for going to the MAC counter? 
MAC make up

 I need new make up!
Acutally I think I am addicted to shopping in general! 

The dress code… And us silly parents!

26 Aug

Let me get on a soap box PLEASE!!!!
Liberty Co has a new dress code. We have gone to a uniform system! 
I  LOVE IT!  YOU HEAR ME LOVE IT!!  It’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s well… SUPER COOL!
Getting this to pass was the biggest pain in ____ ( insert  catchy curse word phrase here… If you wish!)
I heard silliness like:
It was tabled, it was voted on, itwas tabled again, nobody wanted to deal with it.  Yet, we are steadily having a problems with gangs… 
For the most part, it was INSANITY and PANDIMONIUM… ( well it’s a wee bit on the overly dramatic side, you honestly had to be at the board meetings to understand!) 
I think the most thing I heard that REALLY disapointed me the most was from a Principle as quote from the coastal courier Dr. Debbie Rodriguez, “helping students develop themselves as individuals.” She thought uniforms was going to strip students of their indiviualism…  BAH!!!
I was APPALED by this comment! I did not relize that a kindgartner was trying to “dress for sucess”.  It is my opinon that, in order to achive “indiviualism”that is something that comes within.  We are ALL made up different DNA, wouldn’t that automatically make us individuals??
  For me I would much rather my son or daughter win awards for thier, shcolastic ablities, rather then, best dressed award.  If you want students to learn indiviulaism have more spelling bee’s, and acedemic games.  Not what name brands a person can or cannot wear to school. 
I am VERY disapointed in the backlash that has ensued with the uniform policy. 
But, then again the world doesn’t think like me so, Who am I?  Just one person!
Ok, let me step off my soap box