The dress code… And us silly parents!

26 Aug

Let me get on a soap box PLEASE!!!!
Liberty Co has a new dress code. We have gone to a uniform system! 
I  LOVE IT!  YOU HEAR ME LOVE IT!!  It’s easy, it’s affordable, it’s well… SUPER COOL!
Getting this to pass was the biggest pain in ____ ( insert  catchy curse word phrase here… If you wish!)
I heard silliness like:
It was tabled, it was voted on, itwas tabled again, nobody wanted to deal with it.  Yet, we are steadily having a problems with gangs… 
For the most part, it was INSANITY and PANDIMONIUM… ( well it’s a wee bit on the overly dramatic side, you honestly had to be at the board meetings to understand!) 
I think the most thing I heard that REALLY disapointed me the most was from a Principle as quote from the coastal courier Dr. Debbie Rodriguez, “helping students develop themselves as individuals.” She thought uniforms was going to strip students of their indiviualism…  BAH!!!
I was APPALED by this comment! I did not relize that a kindgartner was trying to “dress for sucess”.  It is my opinon that, in order to achive “indiviualism”that is something that comes within.  We are ALL made up different DNA, wouldn’t that automatically make us individuals??
  For me I would much rather my son or daughter win awards for thier, shcolastic ablities, rather then, best dressed award.  If you want students to learn indiviulaism have more spelling bee’s, and acedemic games.  Not what name brands a person can or cannot wear to school. 
I am VERY disapointed in the backlash that has ensued with the uniform policy. 
But, then again the world doesn’t think like me so, Who am I?  Just one person!
Ok, let me step off my soap box


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