I have a few addictions!

27 Aug

I am a certified caffeine addict
( took picture down cause some guy said it was his, even though it was photobucket which makes it public domain…  My suggestion to this person?  Make sure you album on photobucket it private…  Then you will not have people using your pictures…)
I love the new iced coffee from Micky D’s!  Have you tried it? I love it!
Shoes!  I FINALLY cleaned out my closet and I put all my shoes up! and OH boy!! Do I  have a nice little collection going on…
shoes shoes and more shoes
Although I did see April’s Jessica Simpson shoes and I have to say I did covet them!  AND NO APRIL you can’t catch “stupid” NO matter how close you are to her signature!  ( wink )
Make up!  Anybody up for going to the MAC counter? 
MAC make up

 I need new make up!
Acutally I think I am addicted to shopping in general! 


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