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Safety First!!????????

26 Sep

Ft. Stewart in an effort to improve the safety on and around its highway’s they ( and “they” are usually right on the money but, not this time) came up with a BRILLIANT campaign( insert catchy sarcastic phrase here…) to help eliminate unsafe drivers!!!
I guess the only way to explain this is its an ADD’s WORST nightmare!   I am going to try and explain this the best I can. 
On the side of the highway they have these brown rectangular signs, that have these (blah) sayings… 
Example and I will para-phrase it( cause off the top of my head I cannot remember what they say). 

If your

Favorite flower

is a Daisy

Then keep

On driving


Safety First!!!!!
signed your loving General

Scratches head…
I didn’t get it at first.  Not only are these signs VERY distracting cause they are at eye level but, they want you to read every single one cause of the VERY “thought” provoking message.  They are everywhere on this stretch of highway!   I even turned around and went back and re-read some of the signs cause I totally missed the meaning.  Did I mention I do have some OCD’s?
Never mind I was driving and never mind I was supposed to be concentrating on the road(I was not)
(Does the frown face)
Daisy’s are funeral flowers (news to me!!!)??
Then my other half brought up a really good point.  You know “those” drivers that do not have hand eye coordination… 
What if they swerve off the road trying to read the signs?  Safety First they say!? 
Hmm… I honestly think they need to re think that!
Ft. Stewart gets two thumbs up for safety ( again add catchy sarcastic phrase!)


Not a TV watcher…

24 Sep

For those of you just tuning in.  I am not a TV watcher.  I think I pretty much went on strike when Sex and The City had their series finale! 
I watch the news I love Fox and Friends( don’t GROAN!!)!  
I cannot just sit on the couch and watch TV.  I would much rather have my nose stuck in  a book (Better yet NAPPING!!!) 
Even if it is four different ones at once. 
So, when my boyfriend and I ( now husband ) starting living together, that was one of those things I had the hardest time with.  He is a TV watcher.  
I am now addicted to Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, Dancing with the Stars,  He even got me hooked on the Bachelor..
This week starts Premiere WEEK! YAY!!! HAppy TV watching!!

I was tagged…

24 Sep

I was tagged by Jenny  here goes… I will list 10 random things about me one is a lie can you spot the lie?

1.  I once ran from the cops.   I was doing about 90 on I-95, when a cop pulled up bedside me and told me to pull over…  Then went on to chase the other car that was going faster then I… 
The other car RAN and pulled over on an exit.  Opposite of were I was:-D  So, what did I do?  I took off….  hehe….

2  I would rather have a praline then chocolate… 
And frozen chocolate covered bannana’s absolutely ROCK!!!  If you can find me some those you can get me to do ANYTHING! 

3.  When I was in high school I did fashion shows and I was even paid to do one!!  I even had a couple of modeling gigs!

4.  Next year I am getting plastic surgery!  I am getting my entire body done! 

5.  I went five years without intercourse and it was the best five years of my life!!

6.  I HATE speaking in public! 
It terrifies me to no end and I honestly suck at it! 
But, get me one on one I am fantastic! 

7.  Coffee ice cream is my all time favorite ice cream!!

8.  I had a Silver Benz that was hit by a deer.  I still mourn over  my benz…  I will OWN another one! 
Those cars are fabulous!!  And very chic!

9.  This is mine and my husband’s second go around…  The first time he broke my heart! 

10.  I am fasinated by serial killers!  That is about the only time when you will see me glued to the TV is when they run those marathons on court TV or the history channel!

The morning after…

18 Sep

Break ups…
In the world of coupledom what’s worse then that?

Ever look back and wish you would have never given a person the way “out”?
Have you ever asked a question that lead to a break up? 
Or maybe it was a silly fight…  that really should not have escalated to the places it got… 
What ever the case is… 
The one thing I always would dread is the morning after! 
You wake up and your life has changed.  You want to pick up the phone and call your beloved… But, you can’t…
You walk through the day and your in a daze. 
Thinking, ” I am  single”
“I am back on the market”
“I am “out here” again!”
 I can honestly say that feeling, is one of the worst feelings you could have.  I call it “the emptiness”.
As quoted in the movie Some One Like YouThere are few things sadder in this life than watching someone walk away after they’ve left you, watching the distance between your bodies expand until there’s nothing… but empty space and silence

Brake UPS are NEVER easy! 
(Just a little side note:
And ladies even though you may not believe it… Brake up’s are hard for men as well!
Men do not like to be the bad guys EVER!  Trust me on this!)

So, here are some tips with dealing with the morning after!

IF you are not a runner, now is the perfect time to start…  Post brake up anxiety is a sure fire way to find yourself on Xanax…  So, why not start exercising? Honestly!  Endorphins make people happy!!  

Hobby’s…  Find yourself one!

Call your girlfriend for a Sex and The City marathon and keep away from movies like; The Notebook, Pretty Women or anything that is a sappy love story! 
Think Man Bashing he-he…

DE-Detoxify your house of your EX!!!  Do this ASAP!!!  And if you cannot do it alone….  CALL A GIRLFRIEND!  TRUST ME THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR! 
IF you cannot throw away things then put it in a box, FAR AWAY!  As for sheets wash them!
Put away CD’s and things that remind you of him… Put pictures AWAY!!  I mean go cold turkey!  DO NOT READ OLD EMAILS!  If you cannot delete them… put them in a folder and, don’t look back!

Read the book “He’s just not that into you” and MEMORIZE IT!!!!

Next If you happen to go out with your girlfriends… On the off chance you start to drink…
GIVE THEM YOUR CELL PHONE!  You are not allowed to drunk dial!  And TRUST me you will want to drunk dial!  You are better then a booty call and if you are being dumped then…  WELL HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!  Self respect will go a long ways!


Your girlfriends will always have your back!  Just remember that!  No matter what!!!!!  BUT, do not wear them out! I give usually give my girlfriends the two week whining rule… Before I am kicking girlfriend’s arses out of bed!!!

Allow yourself ADEQUATE time before you get into another relationship! 
We all have different thresh holds… Some of us like to live in the past and others of us can just move on with our lives.  In my case it took me five years before I was honestly ready to give myself a chance at a relationship!

Remember that YOU ARE AWESOME, YOU ARE AMAZING and YOU DESERVE THE BEST!  Never sell yourself short!

Now, I am sure most of you are asking WHY am I writing a blog about breaking up..?!?!?!?!?!
Because, I remember when, and even though I am married, I never want to lose that part of me that “remembers when”.   “THAT” Part of me is what keeps me in check.  I cannot forget the lessons that I learned over the past five years of my single life. Those lesson’s made me who I am today! 

Just remember one more thing!  The morning after a break up is the hardest time!  And it gets worse before it gets better!  Give it time and it will all get better soon!

AWWWW! We found the perfect costumes!!!

16 Sep

Halloween is next month and we did it, we found the  BEST costumes!  Our little bear!!baby monkey!!  We have no idea who is going to be who…  But, aren’t those the BEST!!??
Christopher is still on the fence and Victoria changes her mind every hour! We will see.  I have no idea what myself and my lovey are going to be BUT, IT’s going to be GREAT!  HAHA!!  I LOVE the whole Chicago/Moulin Rouge theme so, I might go as either….
ChicagoCan-Can Dancer
A Flapper to a Can-Can Dancer.  But, I think it might be a little bit to over the top… Whatcha think?  The one I REALLY liked for my lovey is the Spartan (from the movie 300)THIS IS SPARTA!                                                        
and I will go as his queen…Queen of Sparta

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?  Oh I cannot wait!  Details to come!!!! 

Happy Sunday Indeed!

16 Sep

Have I told you how much I adore my husband!?  I awoke today to the MOST beautiful flower arrangements(yes two!!)!  
I just had to smile! 
My husband is my rock…  He knows  when I need a pick me up!  
I have been under stress but,  “good stress” things are starting to take shape with our business.  
I broke out in hives…  So, I have been living in the the nice little haze of benedryl( ahh ain’t life grand?) I haven’t been pleasant company,  even though I have been a wee bit snappy my fabulous amazing hubby managed to start my day off on the best note ever!  Sigh….  ( and a BIG smile ) 

I do love my MAC!!!

15 Sep

MACMake-up can be a women’s BEST friend! 
I like to think of my face as a blank canvas…  When I am done I am an artist of my own making!
It’s AWESOME!!  Then, make up can be a women’s enemy  Long gone are the days of pink frosted lips and blue eye shadow ( at least in my eyes. I am expressing a view here)  MAC
For me(and this is only me) there is nothing more distracting then a women wearing black or a dark red lip liner and her lips are either
1.  not filled in
2.  an off colored lipstick. 
I under stand we all have our different styles of how we put on our make up.  But, for me it’s really distracting!  I found a really great article take a look at it.  It’s how to and how not to put on lip liner
SmashboxYou might just learn some really neat tips.  I know I could always use some tutoring!  
So, the next time your are shopping around for make up!  Bring a friend!  Or better yet bring an honest FRIEND!  WE all have them.  WE all have those friends that have NO filter, yep that would be the one….  HAHA!  Bring her. 
Have a fabulous lunch and just be a GIRL!!!