I do love my MAC!!!

15 Sep

MACMake-up can be a women’s BEST friend! 
I like to think of my face as a blank canvas…  When I am done I am an artist of my own making!
It’s AWESOME!!  Then, make up can be a women’s enemy  Long gone are the days of pink frosted lips and blue eye shadow ( at least in my eyes. I am expressing a view here)  MAC
For me(and this is only me) there is nothing more distracting then a women wearing black or a dark red lip liner and her lips are either
1.  not filled in
2.  an off colored lipstick. 
I under stand we all have our different styles of how we put on our make up.  But, for me it’s really distracting!  I found a really great article take a look at it.  It’s how to and how not to put on lip liner
SmashboxYou might just learn some really neat tips.  I know I could always use some tutoring!  
So, the next time your are shopping around for make up!  Bring a friend!  Or better yet bring an honest FRIEND!  WE all have them.  WE all have those friends that have NO filter, yep that would be the one….  HAHA!  Bring her. 
Have a fabulous lunch and just be a GIRL!!!      


2 Responses to “I do love my MAC!!!”

  1. Shannon September 23, 2007 at 5:41 pm #

    I’m not even a make-up expert (as well you know lol) and I hate when people line their lips in a dark color like you said and don’t put anything else on the lips.

  2. tophataffairs September 23, 2007 at 7:47 pm #

    To me it’s very distracting! But, two each is their own!
    Love you!

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