Scandal on the “Biggest Loser!!!”

15 Sep

Please allow me to step on my soap box…
my soap boxDo you read the National Enquire?
How often is the NE ever right?  This was taken from the 

December 18th 2006 National Enquirer Article, “Biggest Loser Star Dumps Wife after Affair on Show” (Taps fingers on keyboard)
If you tuned to to the reunion show you saw Marty propose to Amy.  Personally? I thought it was GREAT!  I loved it! Very sweet and I was happy for them! 
I still am but, come to find out The BL star the NE was talking  about  was Marty and Amy was the mistress.
 (Does the frowny face)
I can tell you this something I have learned. (Actually April Groves will tell you) there’s THREE SIDES to every story:

Person’s A perception of what happened
Person’s B perception of what happened
And what REALLY happened! 
Kai she was also on the BL3 with Amy and Marty.  And she blew the lid off of everything.   She is now in deep do-do with the NBC, I guess they sign a buncha papers basically giving away your first born and all you assets forever and ever amen…
(Does the frowny face…)
At first when read her blog,  I was all for it but, the more I milled it around in my head, I think everybody was in bad taste Marty for proposing to his mistress on public TV and Kai for airing out the  dirty laundry two wrongs do not make one right.  I have learned this the hard way.  Personally I like to be the bigger person NO matter how wrong the other person is!
This is the main reason, I do not like reality TV it’s not really reality, it’s edited to create drama for the viewing audience to reel you in so you will become a faithful follower.   If you have ever watched the behind the scenes with reality stars, they will tell you producers edit ALOT and often times situations are not really happened the way the producers edited to be!
What should have been a happy situation was sadly tainted, and I think all parties involved are in the wrong!! 
Ok I am off my soap box.

3 Responses to “Scandal on the “Biggest Loser!!!””

  1. Shannon September 23, 2007 at 5:39 pm #

    Unbelievable…I didn’t realize he was even married.

  2. tophataffairs September 23, 2007 at 7:48 pm #

    I didn’t either! And needless to say I was shocked!

  3. susan October 17, 2007 at 5:08 am #

    I think he is a “total” you know what. His wife came to visit him, for a day, with their kids, and he was acting like he was so… happy to be with her and I think he even cried, a bit, when talking about it, but he was probably allready getting close to that, “man stealer”. I think his wife is better off without the jerk. He,ll get fat soon enough. His fiance is a “tubby”, again. Allready!

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