Sometimes you have to find your inner child!!!!

8 Oct

Running a business can take a toll on a marriage.  
My love and I were like passing ships.  With work, meetings, soccer, raising four children I saw him only a few short hours here and there.  It sucked. 
Thursday as I watched him get ready for work.  I felt a huge hole in my heart.  He wrapped his arms around me and the tears just came. 
We decided that we needed us time. 
So, we booked a hotel  in Savannah Friday evening, and decided since It was first Friday we would go to the Westin and watch firework.  And the bonus is Friday night is Martini at the Aqua Star.(I love a GOOD MARTINI, he even managed to find me a bubblegum Martini) 
It was a DATE!!!
In the arms of my love watching fireworks and drinking a martini could life get any better? 
We drank, We eat and, We were merry! 
While we were walking back to our motel we passed a lawn that had sprinklers…
And I looked at my love and he read my mind…  Yep we played in the sprinklers! I cannot remember the last time I did that!  HOW FUN!!! 
Child in Sprinker
The next time you want to break out of your adult mind and do something out of the norm… If you should ever run across a lawn with sprinklers…  Forget your expensive clothes and your fabulous shoes!  Find your inner child and let it loose!


One Response to “Sometimes you have to find your inner child!!!!”

  1. Shannon October 9, 2007 at 12:11 pm #

    That sounds like something I would do!!

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