Do I have to say the words?

15 Oct

I wrote this some time ago… 
I think it’s a lovely piece of advice! 

Hey you foxy lady…YOU DESERVE BETTER!!!

Hey you, yeah I’m talking to you…
” I will not go out with a man who keeps me waiting by the phone!!!!” —
He’s just not that into you!!!
LADIES,  be honest how many times have you made excuses for your girlfriend?
You know the ones that are crushed over a guy that has just blown her off
I know I have found myself saying:
“Honey he could be busy”
“Honey he will call…REMEMBER he had that huge dinner meeting”
“Sweetie, you know how men are…”
When DEEP down inside…WE all know  “He’s just not that into her”
Why can’t we say what we really mean?
No really?
LADIES, do your friend a favor…TELL HER…
“Girl give up, You deserve better”
But, be prepared you might get this:
“Oh no, but, you just don’t understand how wonderful he is….and the SEX is Fantastic…”
Yeah…Well if he is THAT wonderful then, guess what? He would be with you because, he DOES not want that wonderful-ness going to somebody else!!!
Trust me when I say, that when you are into somebody the sex WILL always be fantastic…
You will find another wonderful fantastic lover…He was just not the one.
Here is a little old fashion thought:
LADIES LET the man come to you! 
If a man is actually interested in you nothing will be able to keep him away!
He will want to hear your voice ALL the time…
He will see you when he gets free time….
He will be thinking about you 24/7!!
How do I know this?
I have been in this game for a long time now!!  HONESTLY and if he doesn’t guess what? Your better off with out him! DON’T CHASE A MAN! In the end…Your self esteem will be better off.
IF and IF they want to hear from you they will call, text, offline message you…THEY WILL DO SOMETHING!
And why? Because, men don’t want you to forget about them! They are afraid you will go into another man’s arm’s AND, if they are smart…they will DO EVERYTHING in their power to keep you around! Because they KNOW how fabulous you are!

You might be screaming at me,  “I know but, I keep on getting mixed signals…”
Ok let’s talk about “mixed signals…”
Are you sleeping with him?
If you are then NO you are not getting mixed signals, he is just using you for sex.  And if that is what YOU want then by all means stay around.  If you know you are better then a booty call…
ONCE again your self esteem will thank you for it in the end! And why? Because, women are not programmed that way…
We are wired differently…
Unless your Samantha Jones ( and myself…HA HA! JOKE)…
But, even she fell in love and I have as well. 
But, alas, this is reality and well…Women like Samantha Jones are few and FAR between!!  Do me and your heart a favor
Put down that phone…
Go out and do something…
Get your nails done…
Go get that Awesome shirt you have been lusting after…and even try to do this…Turn off your phone…:-D~ YES you can DO IT! And make yourself unavailable!  I know it’s kinda sneaky…
But, still!! JUST try it! You never know…!


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