Why I love Grey’s Anatomy!

26 Oct

I use to say anything you wanted to learn about dating, life  and being a fabulous singleton you could learn in Sex and the City!  Well… I have to add another show to that group…
Grey’s Anatomy… 
The story lines are brilliant and the writing is clever!
Once in awhile they will put a WOW factor in there!  
Last week was it…
Let me recap some first I will start with characters:
(Grey’s Anatomy Wiki)

What we know:
Grew up in a trailer park and worked as an underwear model in order to pay for medical school. Izzie is roommates with Alex and Meredith (previously George and Meredith but George is living with Callie now), and is best known for getting too emotionally involved with her patients, particularly Denny. She risked her entire medical career in an attempt to save Denny, which ironically resulted in his death. She has recently returned to work at Seattle Grace and is battling with her inability to detach herself from patients. She had a daughter named Hannah when she was 16 but gave her up for adoption because she wanted the best for her.
Medical specialty: Intern, but has shown an affinity towards working with children.
Relationship roller-coaster:
Alex. Denny. More to come. Told long time roommate and best friend George that she loves him, even though George is married to Callie.
She was sitting on a check for $8 million. She spent the money on a free clinic, as well as paying for some-body’s surgery.
She has a daughter that she gave up for adoption.
Moving Right Along… Next We have…
george-omalley_173x251.jpgGeorge O’ Malley( Is Married to Callie Torres )
What we know:
George O’Malley doesn’t fit in with his own family. A Thanksgiving hunting trip resulted in George letting out a lot of emotions during a conversation with his blue-collar dad and brothers (one of whom shot the dad, forcing George to operate).
His positive outlook on life, and the fact that he is more emotional than most men, often lead to conflict with other doctors.He recently admitted his feelings for Meredith and ended up sleeping with her during a period of peak vulnerability for both. After some disastrous fallout, he moved out of her house and onto Dr. Burke’s sofa. He remained there until Season Twocame to a close – and he found a spot in bed next to girlfriend, Callie. In the hospital basement. He has managed to get his friendship with Meredith back and has recently married Callie. Izzie told him that she loves him. He failed his medical exams meaning that he has to repeat his intern year.
Medical specialty:
He is a first year intern at Seattle Grace Hospital.
Relationship roller-coaster:
Had a one night stand with Meredith.
Syph Nurse Olivia.
He is now married to Callie Torres.
Slept with Izzie.
Defining moments:
George won praise among the entire hospital staff for saving a man’s life in an elevator during a power failure. With Dr. Burke talking him through it, George stopped the bleeding in a patent’s heart single-handily after Alex choked under pressure!

It’s getting better…

In Walks in Callie Torres(O’Malley)…  ( Callie is George’s Wife…)
callie-torres_112x180.jpgWhat we know:She’s an heiress. Had a pet ferret for 9 years. Married to George O’Malley. Used to live in the hospital basement. Now lives in a hotel with George.
Medical specialty:
Relationship roller-coaster:
She was dating George, they then broke up when George constantly chose his friends over her. She slept with Mark “McSteamy” Sloan in her hotel while her and George were broken up. She and George were married in Vegas after the recent passing of his father.

OK now that you have SOME of the character Bio’s( Thank you Grey’s Anatomy Wiki)
Basically what happened was that George and Izzy slept together…  During one night of drunken venting… 
Well, George told Callie… 
Izzy tried to apologize to Callie but, this is what Callie told Izzy( BRILLIANT )

Callie: You feel terrible? You took advantage, he was your best friend. I tried to trust you. So much that I convinced myself that it was all in my head, that I was crazy. But I wasn’t, was I? And then you pulled that thing in the cafeteria today. It’s not bad enough that you humiliate me by getting in bed with my husband, you have to humiliate me at work too. George may be the one who broke his vows but you… we’re women, Izzie. You did this to another woman. You took something from me. You stole something from me like a petty little thief. YOU are the one who should be humiliated. YOU are the one who should be ashamed. You are the one… don’t you dare come to me for forgiveness you traitorous bitch.”

You know…  This is WHY I wouldn’t sleep with a man that is married or taken… I have respect for relationships, in the past I have been cheated on, and I could never understand one thing… 
If he was cheating on ME, what makes the “other” women NOT think the man is NOT going to cheat on her…?  I see cause it’s different?  Right?  You can change him… HE REALLY LOVES YOU!  Right?
When I was single I would really pay attention to WHY a relationship ended.
Did it end because, he cheated on her? 
Did he leave her for another women?  
What was the cause? 
If you do not think things like this matter..  WRONG!!  They do! 
Now it takes two to tango… 
Gage the situation as you see fit! 

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