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If you write it they will come?

28 Dec

Sometimes I troll around yahoo, other people’s blogs looking for things to write about.  I know I have HUGE grammar and spelling errors AND most of the time what I am trying to convey from head to keyboard.  And due to my a.d.d I really have a hard time staying on topic. 
But, I often times wonder? 
IS what I write about interesting…  Part of me thinks…
“It’s your blog” write what you want!
Then the other part of me thinks ” Do you really want people to view you as THAT whinny chick that has nothing better to write then about her life….”  Nah…  Not really!
I also try and stay away from subjects that I think could offend.  But, sometimes I just have to VENT!  I think I am going to call these my “soap box” rants! 
I kinda miss the old days of my myspace blogs when I would just complain about my life.  At least I had a little bit of a fan base. Blogging out here in the real world is kinda lonely…  I know what I like to write about…  I like to write about love and relationships!
I honestly believe I have a full proof way on how to get married in five years or less! 
I would love to pass along my “Dolores-isms” to women…  Kinda like ” If I knew then what I know now kinda deal…”  But, instead of having women go through the heart breaks and trials I did!  You know consider me your “relationship coach”  with out the PhD behind my name!  Just as long as your willing to take some of my Dolores tough love!  HE-HE…
One thing I will say is this…
You will always have a critic… 
Somebody is going to hate your guts… 
You are going to piss off somebody….

You can’t please everybody! 
So, write what you know! 
Write what your good at… 
And most of all write for yourself ( unless you are doing a business blog then I can refer you to somebody who knows all about that!  HAHA)

Remember when…?

27 Dec

Memory Triggers… Funny what sparks them!
This year my daughter got a M&M candy dispenser for Christmas…( she wanted a Gum Ball machine NO!) As I was pouring her Red And Green M&M’s into the dispenser… My mind went WAY back…
I have no idea the year it started but, do you remember when rumors started flying about Green M& M’s and the “aphrodisiac like effects on a person? Well, I wanted to see if there was any validity to this claim…
So, what did I do?
I did not eat all of my daughter’s green M&M’s ( Although it was really tempting!)
I looked it up on-line… And sure enough I found something!
On check out
“Randy Candy”
And even in movies…
Willy Wonka says,
Willy Wonka: It must be from all those dog-gone cocoa beans. Hey, by the way, did you guys know that chocolate contains a property that triggers the release of endorphins? Gives one the feeling of being in love.And even though he was a quack…. I found this to back it up..

Read This:
Evidently, chocolate or cocoa has a chemical called phenylethylamine. What has been stated is that when a person has that euphoric feeling of being in love, this same brain chemical is released into the system. There probably is some type of connection with chocolate’s chemical composition and certain good feelings (i.e. chocolate contains the same chemical that is released into the system when a woman has that feeling of being in love). That would have a comforting feeling. Chocolate is also very rich in polyphenols, a type of bioflavonoid and antioxidant; evidently, more so than green tea. It is often sugar (not the cocoa) which causes unwanted side effects such as weight gain, etc. There is some information at regarding this data.Ha! When Europe first discovered it in the new world, a group of nuns in South America spent much of their time making and eating milk chocolate until it was outlawed by the church.”Ever wonder where rumous and urban legends ever start?
Maybe some chick eat a buncha (Green) M&M’s and then her hubby came home at the right time and it was on…
Ya, never know!

The blessings of the season!

24 Dec

My life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have SOME dramatics! 
We had tragedy strike our family on some different levels but, with prayer and well wishes everything work it’s self out one way or another! 
But in the grand scheme of things I have many many many things to be thankful for! 
I have a good life…
I have an AWESOME set of girlfriends that are amazing! 
They tell me when I have brocolili in my teeth 
They will tell me when I am being WAY to dramatic… 
They are here when I need a little pick me up, In turn I am ( to the best of my ability!) there for them!!!
I have a fantastic husband…  We have come a long ways…  In the span of three years he has been the one to break my heart and he has been the only person that has been able to repair it and then some…  He is my best friend and he completes my multi-faceted personality!
My family is my foundtion without my mom teaching me the morals and the importance of family unity I wouldn’t be ( some ) of the person I am!

All in all no matter what I am going through…  It could always be worse and, each tribulation I go through is only teaching me how to better myself… ” That which doesn’t kill us makes of stronger!”

I long to better myself all the way around personally and professionally 2007 brought me AWESOME changes…  I am REALLY looking forward to what 2008 is going to bring! 

Enjoy the blessing of the season…


Sunday’s Post Secret!

24 Dec

😀  Sometimes you just have to say Blank it…  And fall head over heels…

Looking Back ( Part III One of my FAVORITES!!! The Starbucker Meme)

23 Dec

I will leave this one alone…  But, it’s( one ) my favorite one!

The Starbucker Meme
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#1. How full is your glass?
–My glass is half full….  I have a very busy life and so, that means usually when I pour a glass of water, coffee, wine, or anything that I might fancy at that moment,  I set it down and forget it… Untill I get thirsty again, Then I have to run around the house and look for it and usually it’s always “half full…”

2. What kind of glass is it?
–My many glasses are as followed:  Coffee: I have a tequila rose BIG BLACK coffee mug…
Water, Juice, Coke, or anything else just your plain run of the mill glass
Wine glass:  a crystal goblet

3. What’s in the glass?

–Coffee is a simple dark roast
 water,juice or coke… Self explanatory
And for my wine…  I prefer something on the sweeter side like a Riesling or a Sparkling wine of some kind Belatore Spumante is my favorite sparkling wine…

4. Reasons for #1, #2, and #3……….
Taps Fingers…..
#1: I am a diverse person with a multi-faceted personality and can usually fit in anywhere!! Which is why  I have many glasses… When disaster does not strike my life I believe I  have an fantastic life and I love every min of it!!!

#2:  As stated in my first explation my many glasses explain the many sides of me!

#3 My glass is always full… Much like my life!!!

Looking Back ( Part II )

23 Dec

April Groves sent me a challenge: This is what I wrote so, looking back at this one should be really fun!!

My AH moment!
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ok April here you go!

For those of you who know me, know I almost lost one of my twins just days after I brought them home from the hospital. 
What I haven’t been truly honest with, is the deep depression, that incident put me in.  I am a mother, brought these two life’s into the world. 
I am SUPPOSED to be the protector, I FEEL I let Gabrial down.  I allowed myself to be n a constant state of worthlessness.  Notice I said I allowed myself to be in that state.  I didnt’ want to get up in the morning.  I stayed in my dark room. I only got up when, the babies cried.  I cried ALOT!
When I got to a point and I said enough is enough, I would get knocked down.  In life, in my marriage, in my finances.  One turn after another led to another dead end. 
My AH moment came, when I re-read some of my blogs.  ” I have never finished anything”  Well, that’s not TRUE!  I have!! 
I haven’t finished my degree but, I am a self educated women when it comes to my children’s disabilities! 
I am an activist and I am my children’s voice!  I speak for those that cannot speak for themselves!  OK I have that. 
I started to look around, what else do I have?  What else have I accomplished? 
My list is little but, that’s OK.  I have led a hard life.  But, I wouldn’t be the women I am today!  And I happen to like me!
OK, time to start making short term goals!  Attainable goals!  Goals I can reach! 

My other AH moment came when I was watching the Biggest Loser.  Ever see that show?  These people are so brave!  These men and women put themselves for display with VERY high weights for the world to see.  They do this knowing that we live in a society that, judges people by, how they look.  WOW! So, I got naked looked in the mirror and took a GOOD look at myself.  I do not like what I see.  I am depressed about it!  But, once again…  Who has control over that? ME!  This is ALL ABOUT ME!  So, here goes:

~I am going to finish my degree within four years.

~I am going to lose ALL my weight by the end of the year! And I am going to start running mini marathons

~I am going to take another infant CPR class through the heart association and see about becoming a trainer.

~I want to get something published.  I have alot of knowledge in this head of mine that I think could be useful to people who suffer from low self esteem!  I feel my no nonsense approach to life is just the kick in the behind that some people need!

~By the end of the year I want to get my real estate license

The Now Dolores:
OK so, not too bad. I am no longer depressed and I didn’t lose ALL my  weight like I wanted too but, that is OK…
I did not get my real estate license I pretty much chickened out after the market for houses started doing bad BUT, I did start my business So, NOT TO BAD!!  Once AGAIN… YAY ME!!!

Looking back…( Part I )

23 Dec

I am going to start something…  I am going to be looking back at post blogs and I am going to see how much I have grown in a year…  So, here is the first blog!
I use to blog at my myspace account…
I dont’ blog there anymore but, I really wanted to share some of those post’s with you…  So  you can celebrate my journey of this year!  I love MY life… If I haven’t said that I will say it over and over again!

I have the courage…
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Friday, June 29, 2007

I have the Courage, Will Power and Discipline…

~I have the courage to change my eating habits!
~I have the courage to make the right steps to a healthier body
~I have the discipline to accept the changes and make a difference in my life!
~I have the discipline to fight the urge to binge eat
~I have the courage to accept ME for who I am and make the changes to change the things I don’t!
~I have he will power to make the proper changes for me and my family!
~I have the will power to grab carrots instead of a snickers bar!
~I have the discipline to write EVERYTHING I eat in my journal!
~I have the will power to PUSH myself when I want to quit!
~I have the COURAGE TO FIX ME!

Last but not least I have the BEST support system EVER!  And that is going to make all the difference in the world… 
Tonight… I am going to take my first before picture and post it for everybody to see…( well not EVERYBODY it’s only for my preferred readers… and if you have NOT asked me to be on it…  I am not putting anymore people on… )  I do not have the courage to post my weight.  When I get to a point where I can post it…  I will tell you guys how much weight I have lost…  And, then you will know my weight.. 
I am not doing this for anybody else but, ME…  Last time I did this I had the tools but, I could have been more successful…  I have the tools now…  And I know it’s a start

The now Dolores

I was not very faithful with WW…  I was deeply depressed and I gained about 20 pounds during this time.  So, WW was not very successful… But, the now Dolores is in boot-camp and actually working to lose all the weight that I gained!  YAY ME!!