A wise Dolores once said…

10 Dec

No silly not me another Dolores I met on myspace
She is Brilliant and wise and she is beyond Fabulous!  She can say what I cannot in a way that is poetic! 
I have been battling what it means to be the “bigger person” 
To do or not to do that is the question, or to say or not to say is another one. 
I have to fight the inner demons of wanting to retaliate and fight back!  It’s not an easy thing to put your pride aside and walk into a room of gossiping geese and walk with your head  held up high… 
It’s the hardest lesson I think I have ever had to learn.  But, one thing I did find out about overcoming and prevailing my own inner demons and facing an enemy that could potentially make or break you. 
When you do leave the room without confrontation  and you do overcome your insecurities… 
You feel a sense of pride… 
Something that cannot be bottled and sold because, it comes from the very depths of your soul. 
SELF SATISFACTION…  What an awesome FEELING!  AHHH..  The silent Victory is far more better then a boisterous one!  Anyways…. 
Dolores wrote….
I find too, the higher road, being the bigger person, and selflessness… has a bit a sting at first, and then later… it bares its fruit… as opposed to giving into strife and using your *strength to get your point across.  You feel right in the midst of it all, but later when the smoke and mirrors clear, the sting sets in and like a wine stain on a white carpet, you never seem to be able to get out completely….”


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