What makes a good Christian? Part II

10 Dec

I guess I must have struck a nerve! 
I knew I would.  Which is fine, not everybody is going to agree with me 100%.  Yet, I still have NO takers on the subject at least not in public.  I am getting a number of emails in private.
First of all I am not out to point the finger at anybody.  As I said before, yes I am a Christian.  As I stated before I am not very good at being one.   As Christians we are supposed to strive to be like Jesus, I fail at this everyday…  But, I can say I do honestly do try! 
I am somebody who is VERY familiar with her flaws.  I am REALLY OK with that!
I was asked in a private email what I think makes a ” GOOD CHRISTIAN?”
And honestly I have no cookie cutter response.   Which is why I opened things up… 
I do know if you are claiming to be a “Good Christian” then I expect you to act a certain way…  And not act in a manner that is considered loose, lewd or cruel.  Maybe that is just my take on things. 
A good friend of mine read my blog and after she read it she called me and said,
” You know it’s people like her that keep me FAR away from church.” 
I honestly believe I have made my point! 


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