Why are women so mean? Part II

18 Dec

Oh…  Us women have been called:

Rembrandt Light ( Ha Ha )

Oh but, we have also been called icky name’s:
Bitches ( and that really depends on who you talk to….)

Oh I could go on and on..  But, i think the most damage comes from us fellow females…  I was listening to Kidd Kradick in the morning( Love them!!) Over the weekend Kellie Rasberry    got into an altercation with a women over another guy! ( if you click on the link then you can hear all about it on the K-Pod)
Why on earth?
WHAT ARE WE FIVE “copy righted”( ha-ha joke)

Nothing screams class like fighting over a guy!  Poor Kellie…

Why can’t we ALL BE NICE!  Why can’t we all just all get along?!?!?!?!?! 



2 Responses to “Why are women so mean? Part II”

  1. anony January 2, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    hmm, let’s see-kellie showed up at a party and made rude/jealous comments about the date of a guy she likes and the date politely introduced herself by the appropriate name in an effort to stop the child like behavior. kellie’s response was that she would have never said it to the date’s face…lesson here ladies: 1. this “guy” definitely isn’t worth two words over 2. take your anger/jaelousy out at the guy NOT HIS DATE and 3. if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face then you probably shouldn’t say it to a crowd of people stading within ear shot of the date.
    this was played up quite a bit for entertainment purposes on the radio so let’s remember there are 3 sides to every story….

  2. tophataffairs January 3, 2008 at 1:40 am #

    Thank you for stopping by! And I just want to say… that yes, their are three sides to every story.
    side A
    side B
    AND… What really happened… Trust me this is something I know VERY WELL!!!
    I heard the bit. And it was most likely sensationalized quite a bit… BUT, Here is the thing… Kellie ADMITTED she was jealous, and she admitted to being immature.
    She took accountability which is something I HARDLY see in anybody. Nobody wants to admit they are in the wrong and, it’s always somebody else fault. It takes a ” GROWN” person mentality to admit they were in the wrong.
    I would really love to know what a person’s definition of “polite” When it comes to claws coming out and especially when it comes to a man!
    One thing I understand is catty women. And why? Because I am a WOMAN and I can be catty!!
    Kellie put on her big girl pants and admit she was in the wrong.
    SO, to me that still gets a buncha kudos!!!

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