Babies having Babies…

21 Dec

Let me first off by saying I am no way shape or from am here to judge, ridicule or put down…  I just want to express an opinion from the side of a MOTHER who is raising a girl in this day in age!

We all heard the shocking news that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant…  I expect something like this to come out of Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, an the list goes on…  Why?  Because, we expect reckless behavior out of these celebrities…

So, here is my take on this situation … 
1.  I honestly do not believe her getting pregnant makes Jamie Lynn a bad person! 
We are human…   We make mistakes, some mistakes have bigger consequences like this one. Which will be with her for the rest of her life.
So, who do we blame? 
And is their anybody to blame? 

Do we question parenting skills? 
   A. Lack of parental supervision–  But, Lynn Spears said it herself Jamie never  came in late
   B.  Lack of teaching right from wrong?  honestly I am on the table about this cause look at Britney…. We all know Britney is one of the biggest train wrecks we have seen in a long time!!!  It’s been one thing after another

2.  The media NEEDS to drop it.  
Jamie is pregnant.  End of story…!  I say this because she is a teen icon her show on Nickeloden Zoey 101 is huge amongst our younger generations. 
What happens to those young ladies who, love and idolize Jamie.  
Now they see she is  pregnant think it’s OK.  Teenage pregnancy is an epidemic! 
It’s on the rise and when things like this happen I just wonder what it’s going to do to our teen pregnancy rate? 
I am not downing teen mommies OK….  So, let’s get that straight! 
I am sure any one of these mommies would say, I do not regret but, I do wish I would have waited. 
All I am saying one thing I do know about is having babies!!  I at 23 was not ready for babies.  I had NO clue what in the heck I was doing, let’s not forget hormones…  Your body goes through all sorts of changes…  Let alone the responsibility of taking care of another human being.
I hope the media stops giving it so much attention.  I believe all this is doing is fueling a fire…  The more attention the media gives it the more acceptable it becomes!
I am a celebrity gossip ( in the closet ) fan but, this is one time I will DRAW the line…
I don’t want to hear about her baby shower!!
I could care less if her and the 18/19 ( depends on the state…WHATEVER!!) baby’s daddy is breaking up…
I don’t want to hear about her “baby” shopping spree’s 
I sure as hell do not want to hear about her cravings. 

Teenage sex happens but, we are trying to teach our children prevention and more importantly abstinence. 
I know what I was going behind my parents back at an age I would rather not disclose. It’s not because my mom didn’t teach me right from wrong, she did I grew up in a God fearing house and I was taught morals and right from wrong at an early age.  I just am MY OWN person and I wanted to explore the taboo…  I do NOT want my children partaking in ” If it feels good do it” day in age.  Promiscuity is all over the place we have fashion designers wanting  us putting our children in “adult” like clothing, and they want us to put our little girls in sweat pants that say ” HOTTIE” on the behind…  We have those stupid BRATZ dolls that look like street walkers NO WONDER our babies are growing up too fast!!!
NOT THIS MOMMA!!!  I want to preserve my children’s innocence until I can’t any longer!
For me… I am going to teach my children the foundation and morals I believe will make them outstanding people.  I am going to teach my children right from wrong and I am going to teach them consequences of their actions…  It’s going to up to them how they are going to carry their lessons…  I can only hope somethings stick…

As for Jamie Lynn Spears my heart goes out to her and her family!  The one negative think I will say is I REALLY hope she is a better mommy then her sister!  And I wish her all the best! 

One Response to “Babies having Babies…”

  1. Ellaarhh x May 14, 2009 at 9:11 am #

    I totaly agree with this. Teens get preggas all the time and people have jst gotta accept it. She is a celebrity that doesnt mean she is stupid or shall i say more in the wrng than alll the other teenagers in the world getting prenant. Drop it all guys the media has just gotta face facts, yeh shes 16 nd preg but i knoe at least 10 other teens that age that are pregnant. Give her sum slack shes a person, people maeke mistakes x

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