Looking back…( Part I )

23 Dec

I am going to start something…  I am going to be looking back at post blogs and I am going to see how much I have grown in a year…  So, here is the first blog!
I use to blog at my myspace account…
I dont’ blog there anymore but, I really wanted to share some of those post’s with you…  So  you can celebrate my journey of this year!  I love MY life… If I haven’t said that I will say it over and over again!

I have the courage…
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Friday, June 29, 2007

I have the Courage, Will Power and Discipline…

~I have the courage to change my eating habits!
~I have the courage to make the right steps to a healthier body
~I have the discipline to accept the changes and make a difference in my life!
~I have the discipline to fight the urge to binge eat
~I have the courage to accept ME for who I am and make the changes to change the things I don’t!
~I have he will power to make the proper changes for me and my family!
~I have the will power to grab carrots instead of a snickers bar!
~I have the discipline to write EVERYTHING I eat in my journal!
~I have the will power to PUSH myself when I want to quit!
~I have the COURAGE TO FIX ME!

Last but not least I have the BEST support system EVER!  And that is going to make all the difference in the world… 
Tonight… I am going to take my first before picture and post it for everybody to see…( well not EVERYBODY it’s only for my preferred readers… and if you have NOT asked me to be on it…  I am not putting anymore people on… )  I do not have the courage to post my weight.  When I get to a point where I can post it…  I will tell you guys how much weight I have lost…  And, then you will know my weight.. 
I am not doing this for anybody else but, ME…  Last time I did this I had the tools but, I could have been more successful…  I have the tools now…  And I know it’s a start

The now Dolores

I was not very faithful with WW…  I was deeply depressed and I gained about 20 pounds during this time.  So, WW was not very successful… But, the now Dolores is in boot-camp and actually working to lose all the weight that I gained!  YAY ME!!


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