The blessings of the season!

24 Dec

My life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have SOME dramatics! 
We had tragedy strike our family on some different levels but, with prayer and well wishes everything work it’s self out one way or another! 
But in the grand scheme of things I have many many many things to be thankful for! 
I have a good life…
I have an AWESOME set of girlfriends that are amazing! 
They tell me when I have brocolili in my teeth 
They will tell me when I am being WAY to dramatic… 
They are here when I need a little pick me up, In turn I am ( to the best of my ability!) there for them!!!
I have a fantastic husband…  We have come a long ways…  In the span of three years he has been the one to break my heart and he has been the only person that has been able to repair it and then some…  He is my best friend and he completes my multi-faceted personality!
My family is my foundtion without my mom teaching me the morals and the importance of family unity I wouldn’t be ( some ) of the person I am!

All in all no matter what I am going through…  It could always be worse and, each tribulation I go through is only teaching me how to better myself… ” That which doesn’t kill us makes of stronger!”

I long to better myself all the way around personally and professionally 2007 brought me AWESOME changes…  I am REALLY looking forward to what 2008 is going to bring! 

Enjoy the blessing of the season…



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