If you write it they will come?

28 Dec

Sometimes I troll around yahoo, other people’s blogs looking for things to write about.  I know I have HUGE grammar and spelling errors AND most of the time what I am trying to convey from head to keyboard.  And due to my a.d.d I really have a hard time staying on topic. 
But, I often times wonder? 
IS what I write about interesting…  Part of me thinks…
“It’s your blog” write what you want!
Then the other part of me thinks ” Do you really want people to view you as THAT whinny chick that has nothing better to write then about her life….”  Nah…  Not really!
I also try and stay away from subjects that I think could offend.  But, sometimes I just have to VENT!  I think I am going to call these my “soap box” rants! 
I kinda miss the old days of my myspace blogs when I would just complain about my life.  At least I had a little bit of a fan base. Blogging out here in the real world is kinda lonely…  I know what I like to write about…  I like to write about love and relationships!
I honestly believe I have a full proof way on how to get married in five years or less! 
I would love to pass along my “Dolores-isms” to women…  Kinda like ” If I knew then what I know now kinda deal…”  But, instead of having women go through the heart breaks and trials I did!  You know consider me your “relationship coach”  with out the PhD behind my name!  Just as long as your willing to take some of my Dolores tough love!  HE-HE…
One thing I will say is this…
You will always have a critic… 
Somebody is going to hate your guts… 
You are going to piss off somebody….

You can’t please everybody! 
So, write what you know! 
Write what your good at… 
And most of all write for yourself ( unless you are doing a business blog then I can refer you to somebody who knows all about that!  HAHA)


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