A Wise Dolores Once Said…( Why are women so mean? Part III )

4 Jan

The other Dolores wrote this… And  think she has something going on here!

“Soap Box Rant

Relational aggression is psychological (social/emotional) aggression between people in relationships. Relational aggression is a form of aggression where the group is used as a weapon to assault others and others’ relationships. It uses lies, secrets, betrayals and other dishonest tactics to destroy or damage the relationships and social standing of others in the group. Also known as covert bullying[1], social aggression [2], “female bullying[3], family bullying or serial bullying[4], it is a covert form of aggression, used by both men and women in relationships. It is less well-known than physical forms of aggression and therefore much more difficult to detect. Often, the victim may not know the abuser is lying or gossiping about the victim, and the abuser may even pretend to befriend the victim.

Although modern understanding of relational aggression arose from the study of cliques of girls in school, and despite the fact that the term “female bullying” is often used synonymously with “relational aggression”, relational aggression is seen at times in women and men of all ages in spousal, familial, sexual, social, community, political, and religious settings. [5] 

A little snippet from wikipedia so that we’re on the same page….

This is the stuff that Mean Girls are made of.  Unlike the movie, those who engage in such never hash things out and grow out of it.  I’ve seen my share of this and have experienced it myself this past year.  Women throwing parties on the same day as their so-called friend or even their weddings, for that matter.  Harnessing minuscule petty grudges, exaggerating the truth, manipulating it, or down right lying to recruit allies in what all remains underhanded.  People dismiss Relational Aggression like it’s a ‘girls will be girls’ thing… but it’s not.  Men do it to each other as well… not like they really care when it’s all out the open, but this Passive/Relational… (two faced/yellow belled) Aggression behavior is often dismissed by the victims, they know what is going on and simply shrug it off by saying “well, that’s just how so and so is.”  NO!  How about it’s unacceptable!  Seems like there’s an enormous gap between black and white these days… we live in a whole realm of gray.  It’s atrocious.  A vicious cycle of pain being inflicted upon one another… and ahem, excuse me… no one ever wants to admit there’s a gargantuan pink elephant in the room!  For crying out loud, say how you feel to one another.  Hypocracy is such a plague…. it needs to be stopped.

Off my soap box for now!”

Can you honestly say YOU do not understand WHY I love the way this women writes?  She is amazing! 


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