Boot Camp Update!

8 Jan

Well I got hit with the flu bug…  When it doesn’t rain it pours right?!?!?! I can say I am less sore and my muscles are repairing faster!

I am going tonight! 
And on to some exciting stuff!!

It’s funny who reads your blogs!  I got the absolute honor of a Biggest Loser Home contest stopping by my blog and commenting!  At first it didn’t click.  Until I had a closer look, when it relized who had commented on my blog,   I thought OH MY GOODNESS!( Acually I wasn’t THAT COOL about it… I was jumping up and down in my seat yelling like if I had won the lottery)  I REMEMBER HIM!  Mathew McNutt you can check him out here and here
His story is both inspirational and motivating! What makes Mathew’s Story so unique is he was the ones sent home.   He wasn’t on the ranch YET he lost more weight then most of the contestants on the Ranch. 

So, with willpower motivation and discipline!  Anything you set your mind to do you can!

So, thank you Mathew for stopping by!  I was an AWESOME honor!


One Response to “Boot Camp Update!”

  1. FXSmom January 10, 2008 at 4:19 pm #

    blucky flu…hope you get better soon 🙂

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