I am one of “those” one million!!!

8 Jan

I often say I went five years without a relationship…  Which is VERY true… 
But,  I didn’t go give years without dating!! 
I was a dating machine.  A serial dater.  And I LOVED IT! 
(Don’t confuse dating machine to bed hopper…  Nobody hijacked anything from ME!)  
How did I meet all of these people?
Internet of course!
I was a single mommy of two!  In school full time!  I did not  want to go to the bars, I was not going to date Mr. Frat Guy…  And all of my friends were married. 

So, off I went!
First I did match.com
hmmm…  I have some interesting tales…
Then, I did yahoo personals, the same men that were on Match were on Yahoo….
THEN( drum roll please )
 I tried Harmony.com  and thought( FINALLY )maybe I can meet a good quality guy!
So, I did the survey that lasted 10 hours!
They told me all my personality traits and flaws.  Then AFTER they make you feel BAD about yourself… I got the “REJECTION”
“Sorry due to your many inconsistencies we are unable to match you at this time”
I was yelling at the screen…” I am the most NORMAL person you will meet!” 
Then the age of social sites became popular, and that is how I met my awesome husband!  It was alot more fun and alot less tramatic!


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