Run, Jog, Walk, Hike, Row, Swim around the world with me!

9 Jan

You know what is great about having girlfriends? 
They can help you come up with the best idea’s!  
One night, one of my girlfriends called me up for some advice  about her love interest, what started as a witch fest ( turn W into a B) took a turn for the productive… 
( insert dramatic music here…)
So, the concept that we came up with is not a new one! 
Really it’s been done and done again! 
BUT, that didn’t stop  Christine ( check out her page and you will see why I love her OH so much!!) and I from wanting to do it!  
Christine much like myself wants to lose weight…  So, she  and I wanted to come up with new and exciting things to make our workouts fun and interesting!
WE want to travel around the world.  But, because we both are wallet challenged ( that means we have NO MONEY )
We came up with a FUN way to workout and TRAVEL around the world!(HE HE)!! 
SO, please join us in working out as we go around the world!! 

Savannah GA —  The Starting point! 
We are going to track our miles and at the end of the year see what we can come up with!  Along our travels we are going to be exploring new and exciting places!
We will be giving you points of interest as well as useless trivia about the places we visit!

To date I have tracked 10 miles… 

Savannah, GA
Visit our awesome city: here

Did you know…??
Savannah GA is ranked one of the most haunted Cities in America…
Ghost Hunters even came to our city to our fabulous Moon Brewrey:

So, if you are ever in our amazing city…  Stop By Moon Brewery and check out our local Ghost!!  Tell him Dolores from TopHat Affairs sent YA!

The Talmadge Bridge…( Fun fact about Dolores… I have a fear of Bridges… I am scared of them…)


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