Oh I’ve been tagged… I am coming clean!!

13 Jan

You are supposed to write ten weird things about yourself but, since I have done this time and time again I wanted to do something different.

It has come to my attention in the past couple of years some UGLY rumors have been spread about me…  I am going to FINALLY either come clean or debunk them… 
Here goes:

1.  I was once told “Sweetie go eat a twinkie…”( I think she was making fun of my barbie like figure… HEHE)  Yes she was saying it to be mean and cruel..
The Ha Ha factor is this:
I don’t like twinkies..
I have an expensive palette…  Twinkies are NOT my forte’!!
Speaking of sweets…  I am jut not your run of the mill chocoholic..  I would take a Praline over a chocolate bar any-day!!

2.  I have been called the  “other women/ adulteress”…


Nope, this one is false… I do not have the scarlet A on my chest!  If you know anything about me you know the following:

  • I am narcissistic and it always has to be ABOUT ME!  Which means that me sleeping with somebody elses man will not work BECAUSE, then it would be about HER as well.. And WELL me being an alpha we can’t have that can we?
  • I don’t do sloppy seconds… EWWWW!!
  • Being with somebody else man would mean that I lack
    a. Self Esteem
    b. Dignity
    c. Ingregrity 
    d. Morals
    e. Values
    and if you know then, you know that I have all of those! 
  • I am not content to be a part time girlfriend/lover/wife so…. I think that one is pretty much of the question…
  • I am NOT DESPERATE were I have to go seeking other women’s men! 
    Yep I think that pretty much sums all of this up!

3.  I am bitch!
hmmm…  NO!  Not a bitch determined.  I am passionate about my causes.  I am self confident, and at times I am not afraid to step on people’s toes. 
 I use tact and I DO chose my battles….  So, if that in your book makes me a bitch well then.. I guess I will say that one is true!!!

4.  I have NO CLASS…
Well…  I don’t think I could be an event planner/wedding planner and not HAVE class…  So, I think that one is pretty much self explanatory…

5. I trapped a man by getting pregnant…
Well, if you are meaning my husband that would be a no! 
Here is the BRIEF story…
We met
We dated
We Broke up
We met again
We started being friends
We became best friends…
We grew…
One romantic night we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and wanted ONE child…  ( bubbles bath, wine and sexy talk…  the whole nine yards…)
Due to the twin trait being in ALL FOUR sets of grandparents… BAM we have TWINS…
We never meant to fall in love before we knew it we could not live without each other…
So, if by mutally falling in love with your best friend equals me trapping him…
Then I guess I am guilty of that one as well!!!

3.   I am vain and getting plastic surgery…
Well this one is 100% true!!!!
I feel it’s a right of passage for ME because I have brought four children into this earth I FEEL I deserve it!  Some might disagree and say it’s wrong and barbaric well…  OK…  We all have opinions!

4. I am distracted by shiny things…
And this one is true as well…  I like the whole bling-bling stuff… 
In Moderation!

5.  I am easy..
My body is a temple and I am very picky about what goes inside of it…  Enough said

6.  I am catty.
Well…  I think we all have some “catty-ness” inside of us! 

7.  I am a bad mother.
Wouldn’t this sting any mother? 
I am raising two children in the spectrum and I am an advocate for their needs…  This automatically does NOT make me a GOOD mommy but, I certainly DO NOT FIT INTO THE BAD MOMMY CATAGORY!!!!
I was a a single mother at one point in time…  I went to school for 2 1/2 years…I maintained a good GPA
I wanted to better myself so, that my children would have a better life. 
I could have just gone off and left them in the hands of another…  But, I didn’t, I stuck it through and even though I have two years left I am VERY proud of the fact I did it!
ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  I’ve done porn!
I have not! 
I get the whole “you look familiar” all the time!  
I just have to wonder WHAT exactly they mean.  Especially since this rumor was flying about me like a wild fire… ! 
SO, if you “think”you might see me on some porn site rest assured it’s not me! I guess I have a familiar face!9.  I dye my hair!
Absolutely 100% TRUE!  I have some greys and well if you go back to number three then you will see just why!10.  I am absolutely FABULOUS!
This is 100% and if you don’t believe me ASK MAH HUBBY!!

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