Married… But, still want to help fabulous single women!

18 Jan

I love to write…. I write about nothing!  
I am kinda like the blogging Seinfeld… 

I use to write about being single and the trials and tribulation that went on into within my dating world. 
I have over 18,000 hits on my old myspace blog.  I use to get emails from women telling me how thankful they were about my blogs.  Because, they were powerful and upbeat and uplifting.  
Why did I change? 
I acquired a husband!!   
It’s something I know ALOT about! 
Yes, I am married, and YES I am a wedding planner… 
But, being single… I had down to a fine art!  Granted I made my mistakes.  Oh and I MADE TONS of them!  But I lived and learned… And I want to pass that along! 
I am still going to write about my life but, I am going to write about women’s issues! Wish me luck!


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