Dolores Dishes Tough Love!!!

20 Jan

I can dish out tough love!!  I can also take tough love!! 
It’s a part of learning effectively!! 
If I offend my fellow readers….  Think of it as your best friend telling you the hard cold truth!!  I am not being mean I am writing to make you better daters!!!

Here me out…  Their is no such think as
” He lead me on…”
” He strung me along”
“He played me”

The power of the word NO!  Goes a long ways!  It’s within your control to:
A.  Not take that phone call!
B.  Delete that email…
C.  Delete the voice mail
D.  Ignore him

Everything is with in your control…  What happens when we get dumped? 
Our self esteem suffers!  We wonder what in the hell is wrong with me?  Most likely nothing.  Just something was not right within the relationship.  
I know what you are thinking BULL!
Everything was great!  Everything was wonderful, We fit in every single way!  It was circumstances beyond our control that make us break up… NO! WAIT! STOP!… 
I want you to really think about it.  I want you to think WHY you have a broken heart. 
Then we have, he still wants to be friends, have sex and do EVERYTHING we did without the commitment! 
WHY ON EARTH would that be OK with you? 
THEN when things do not work out…  WE have the “he lead me on…”  Blah blah blah…  AND if you knew he was unattainable then it’s YOUR FAULT….
SULK by yourself… 
Listen to break up music ON YOUR OWN… 
Watch sappy movies ON YOUR OWN!! 
I have no time for your water works. 
You got yourself into this mess because;
YOU needed somebody so badly you chose to put your heart into a place that you knew was not going to work out! 
YOU needed somebody so you settled.
YOU needed to feel needed. 
Let me say we as humans need that BUT, not at the cost of our self esteem! 
Listen all you amazing single women… Why are you going to waste your time on somebody who clearly doesn’t care for you the way you should be loved and cared for…??????
 When you could be spending your time on somebody who is more then willing to give you 100%!

You might ask me how do you fix it?   The only person that can fix you is you…. But, I can tell you, your fabulous and you deserve better! 
Untill then, as I have always said…  Go and find yourself something to do… Don’t sit idle…  All your going to do is sit there AND THINK that is BAD…  Now is a great time to pick up a hobby…  What ever the case maybe…  GET OUT and DO SOMETHING!!

Untill the next time… 
Remember your amazing your fabulous and you DESERVE BETTER!!!


2 Responses to “Dolores Dishes Tough Love!!!”

  1. christygriner January 27, 2008 at 3:24 am #

    You GO girl. You are so motivational. I could have used you back in high school and college. I dated a few losers!

  2. tophataffairs January 27, 2008 at 4:02 am #

    We all dated a few losers I think I had “ALL losers DATE me” stamped on my forehead. Untill I got smart HAHA!!!

    Thank you for stopping BY!!

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