Perfect love does exsist… You just need to find it within yourself first!

20 Jan

Perfect love….
Does it exist? 
Can we reach that Utopian of love? 
I say YES! 
But, it’s not with another person. 
We reach perfect love when we first learn to love ourselves first!  
It’s a struggle and the road is lonely. 
I would know…  I lived on that lonely road for many years.
When I got divorced, I made a pact with myself I took time off to learn about myself. 
I had no idea who I was…  I had no idea what I really liked to watch on TV or if I liked to  read.  Did I really like to read fantasy books? 
Did I really like my ex’s favorite shade of blue? 
Or was blue one of my least favorite colors.?
I had to really go down the line and check off what I liked or if I liked it impress my partner.
I had ro figure out who Dolores was on her terms. 
The one lesson I took with me and it still rings true to this day…I
n order to love you have to TRULY love yourself first

I will use me as an example.  When I was married I conformed to each man I was with.  My first husband liked heavy metal…  My second husband liked wrestling… DOUBLE BLAH…  Some might call it compromise I call it :Puppet syndrome.
I needed these men to love me.   so, I became what they wanted.  I had no opinons of my own and I was scared to make waves.  I was a puppet
Being hard!   Nobody likes to be alone and nobody likes to sit back and watch happy couples around them.  But, just remember, if you can stand your own company and figure things out on your own.  You will be step closer to finding that perfect love! 
Dreams can come true…  Just make sure you believe in your own dreams first…


2 Responses to “Perfect love does exsist… You just need to find it within yourself first!”

  1. betty March 29, 2008 at 4:18 pm #

    I am trying to find true love within myself too and no its not easy and sometimes very lonely especially since IM a single mom and havin a hard time making ends meat all this said I will survive Im strong and believe my ship will come in sooner than later

  2. tophataffairs March 29, 2008 at 8:40 pm #

    Hi Betty thanks for stopping by! No, it’s not easy! I was a single mommy of two on top of that they both are in the Austim Spectrum Disorder, going to school and broker then BROKE! It was a struggle and was hard. And yes the road is a very loney one. But, one day your going to relize that everything is OK and that you are amazing fabulous and everything will fall into place. I was single and CELIBATE for a really long time… So, I can understand were you are coming from! Stop by my blog anytime… I hope I have helped in some way! Take Care!

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