Being Naughty!!??(Really it is not what you are thinking!)

27 Jan

No, this isn’t one of those…  TMI blogs!(and you know you have read them!!)
I stalk Kellie Raspberry’s blog from Kidd Kradick in the morning
The steps she is going through reminds me so much of myself when I found myself newly single.  Kellie is ready and out in the dating world.  But, she is finding what many women find. 
1.  Jerks
2.  Married/separated men
3.  Players/Game hunters/Bed Hoppers

Kellie made the News Years Resolution to be “naughty” in the New Year. 
She is failing at it!  Not because, she is not trying. Its because she has values and morals and when we try and be something we are not, it just doesnt’ work.  Kellie is a beautiful, sexy, intelligent women.  
What is really funny about this, is one year I made the SAME New Years resolution. 
I was going to be sexy- wear low cut shirts, wear sexy lil out fits…
I was going to be DA BOMB!
I was going to date more…  I was going to be flirty and naughty!  
And… I deserved it!  I was in school full time, A single mommy and DAMN IT I NEEDED TO BE AROUND ADULTS!
Well… As pathetic as this sounds, being naughty was short lived.  I couldn’t get away from my kacki pants and white shirts, although I did adopt heels(kinda naughty right?) AND I did wear sexy under things( more naughty… I would say??)…
I saw this great comerical about eHarmony and tried them… Well… eHarmony rejected me SOOO…  that pretty much put a damper on me “dating” more…  My experience with other dating sites was a total nightmare…
And…  I wasn’t ready to introduce my babies to another man!  Nope!  I still wanted them all to myself…
So…  when I met Jason(my now hubby) Spring of 05 I knew he was the one… But, I that is for another blog!
So, moral to this story?
Reinventing yourself is good but, don’t compromise what makes you “you”, sometimes sticking to old habits is the best way to go!!!

I wish Kellie Raspberry the best of luck( Naughty-ness and all!!!) 


3 Responses to “Being Naughty!!??(Really it is not what you are thinking!)”

  1. Hules January 29, 2008 at 7:40 am #

    I will be reading her blog soon – but what? eHarmony rejected you? How does that happen? Oy. Ve.

    Good point though. So do we get to read how you met your hubby, or is it somewhere in this blog? =)

  2. tophataffairs January 29, 2008 at 3:16 pm #

    yes they did! Oh it was heartbraking! NOT really but, I did write a blog on it… HAHA

  3. Sheer Curtains February 6, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    ,-~ that seems to be a great topic, i really love it `~.

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