I was in the presense of ultimate fabulous-ness…

27 Jan

Yesterday I went to Savannah, GA Savannah Bloggers UnConfrence. 
Let me brag here for a moment.  I was in the presence of some FABULOUS ladies.  Acually they are WAY beyond fabulous…  I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Lebos from Skirt Magazine, Anne Hart of Southren Momma’s who writes a colum for the Savannah Morning New ( LOVE HER!)  April Groves from My Beautiful Chaos and Making Life Work for You(Of course You know how much I LOVE HER!!!), Cami gummi Bunni Her blog is just a wonderful. 
I had the most wonderful time with all of these brilliant ladies!  By far I think the blogging working mommies was the BEST session!  But, of course I am biast!  Sigh, What more could you ask for? 
And of course a few other familiar faces…  Chris and Lisa Cree ( if you don’t know WHO Lisa Cree is WHERE have you been?  She is “OUR” marketing director for eWomens-Network.)
I also met Dizzy Girl
And Moon Dreams and Day Beams  😀
All of the people I met were just as wonderful as their blogs are! 

Yep… Still on that bloggin high!!!

3 Responses to “I was in the presense of ultimate fabulous-ness…”

  1. christygriner February 6, 2008 at 2:26 am #

    And, you`are just as wonderful as your blog!

  2. tophataffairs February 6, 2008 at 11:35 pm #

    AWW SHUCKS! Your blog is fabulous!!!


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