All The Colors of the Rainbow- Chelation Therapy

2 Feb

Chelation Therapy is the removal of heavy toxins from the body.  It’s fairly controversial, I haven’t tried it on my children.
To come clean….I haven’t tried  any of the “new” experiments that are supposed to either;
1.  Help the “symptoms” of Autism
2.  Or the ones that are supposed to “cure” Autism.  
Everything is fairly new, and I would like more hard core research before I dive in.  I am a big fan of long term research. And because, it is a spectrum what works for one child does not always work for another. 

 The one thing I DO advocate, is Early Intervention and therapy(OT, PT, SLP).  
It is in my opinion that, that is what helped my chidlren out. It didn’t cure them but, It did make a difference in their developmental delay.
I would love to have a mother  who has tried Chelation Therapy for her children/child and I would love to know the good and the bad! Everything is  up in the air about Autism, my main concern is that I am doing my children more harm then good.     


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