Can a person really be neutral without isolating one party or another?

2 Feb



When conflict arises.  You cannot be a neutral party unless you simply do not know party A or party B.  
What happens  when you try and remain neutral? 
I can tell you from experience; you isolate one party or another. 
I recently was in a conflict between two people I considered friends. I tried my hardest to stay neutral, I listened to the bickering eventually it wore on me.  
Until  one day  disagreed with one  of the parties and she got upset because, she feels I didn’t take her side.  Short end of that drama we are no longer friends. 
I have seen it time and time again.

What do you do when you find yourself in a situation were you have two friends fighting?  
I wish I knew this. 
The one thing I can tell you is that If you are a neutral party eventually you will created mistrust. 
It’s a lose lose battle…. 
And once you do mistrust how do you get over it?  That is the question…


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