Honey says, “NO WAY to KidzBop!!!”

2 Feb

For those of you who know my husband he is a very quiet passive man… But, once in awhile he gets passionate about things. Kidz bop is one of them.
Every single time that commercial comes on he starts in on it. He said YOU have to write a blog about that!
Honey says NO way will his children listen to this music.
“Your way too beautiful girl” Sean Kingston..  “… you’ll leave me SUICIDAL..SUICIDAL.. when you say it’s over” HELLO!!!!  Are you kidding me???????   Depression and suicide rates are high enough  in teens as it is…
” She’s Like so whatever, You can do so much better, I think we should get together” Avril Levine..  SURE, lets just start encouraging infidelity to our youth.. Go ahead, be a home wrecker.. It’s ok, REALLY!!!!
“It’s not over” Daughtry-  Sure let’s encourage lamenting over a loss of a boyfriend/girlfriend.  It’s OK to create head cases!!!  That is just the tip of the ice berg. 
What I can’t understand is what makes it OK for children to sing songs about adult situations, when it’s almost unlikely that  they  don’t understand what they are singing about or listening to.  
As a mother, I do understand how the world works and I know that my children are going to be exposed to situations that they are not ready for.  But, I know I want to preserve their innocence for as long as I can.  And as a mother I will do everything in my power to try and protect that.
We live in a society if it feels good, do it, and we will think about the consequences later.  We have a high teenage pregnancy rate ( I am really curious to see how that rises since Zoey 101 got pregnant.), STDs are at an all time high, and our family values are in the toilet.
It boils my blood to NO end!!!

I would like to encourage parents to turn off the radio and talk to your children.  Who knows you just may learn something new!  I know my children teach me something new and exciting all the time!


2 Responses to “Honey says, “NO WAY to KidzBop!!!””

  1. christygriner February 2, 2008 at 10:35 pm #

    Good blog. I hear you! I know it is going to be hard once B get a little older. I remember my mother wouldn’t let me have a Madonna tape when I was in the 2nd grade. “But Mom, I love her song “like a virgin, whooo, touched for the very first time…” I wasn’t until several years later that I even knew what the song was about. It is sick to think that children so you young can be so influenced. Good blog, good honey, good idea and great post!

  2. tophataffairs February 3, 2008 at 8:35 pm #

    OH! I remember my Madonna like a virgin days! HAHAHA….
    Man oh man did I idolze that women… HAHA! I think I was in the 5th grade when my parents finally bought me that tape… BUT, the fiunny thing is my friends made me a copy! And I use to listen to it when I got a chance…
    As always thank you for stopping by!!

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