Dolores Dishes Tough Love…

9 Feb

dishes.jpgI was at an eWomens Networking event…   And I got the pleasure of sitting next to a cool, fun gentleman ( I know I said eWomen but, some BRAVE smart men GO)… ( who I am not going to name….)  We got on the subject of women, dating, and men… 
I told him I “get it”  and OF COURSE he was sceptical…  I told him (some) my simple philosophies which are this: 
Men do not always think about us 24/7 … 
At any given time and not together men can have one of the following on their mind:
1. Sex/Women
2. Sports( IF they are a sports fan)
3.  Work
4.  Food
6.  Misc.
I am not saying that ALL men are that simple.  Which is why we have the MISC pile.   They are horrible at mulit -tasking. Actually, they are horrible at mulit thinking…  ( Sorry guys…)

2. Lesson two that I learned: Men will NEVER lead you on. 
You will run into a man that… 
a.  Doesn’t like to be the bad person
b.  they are cowards
c.  they were honest with you and you didn’t get it
d.  they gave you all the hints in the world you just REFUSED to get it!

You might ask…  Why don’t men tell you straight out how they feel??  They do!  We are women and we a programed differently we are emotional. Men TRY and tell us how they feel… We will most likely break down and CRY!! Men hate to see us cry!  Oh LADIES it’s true!  And believe it or not…  They FEEL REALLY BAD!!

I told his gentlemen that I learned these lessons VERY early on!  And I used them every single aspects of my dating life and I saved myself a some GRIEF!!  
Even when I got my heart broken I had to really take responsibility for getting my heartbroken BECAUSE all the signs were there…  He didn’t call me, He said he was busy, He didn’t return my phone calls.  And when we did go on a date.  Even through things were AWESOME between us when we did go out.  When we parted all the signs point to one thing ” He wasn’t into me LIKE THAT”   In the end I completely took responsibility for my broken heart and you know what?  I was able to move on and get over!!

The gentleman beside me said WOW…  YOU DO GET IT FINALLY A WOMEN THAT GETS IT! 
All  I could do was smile!  Now we are talking about an older professional man!  I will take that as a compliment!!  

My single FABULOUS FOXY SEXY LADIES!  Listen to me!  If you find yourself in a relationship with a man that is unattainable for whatever reason.  Let it be just what it is… Don’t invest your time energy and heart into it.  IF you are friends then just be that friends…  If you are sleeping buddies it’s just that… It is what it is…
Let me empower you to think more of yourself!  Believe you are amazing and you DESERVE better!  You deserve BETTER then what you have gotten in the past! 
Let me empower you make the right decision to be a better dater! 
Never settle less then what you deserve! 
Your a princess and you DESERVE a prince! 




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