Honey Says “GO BEARS!!!”

10 Feb


I know what you are thinking!!?? 
NO!  I am not stuck in a time warp! I know they went LAST year to the Superbowl and choked!  
Next Year Bears ALL DA WAY!!!

Honey and I are still newly weds…
We have already established some traditions that I would like to share.

1.  Doing the Polar Bear Plunge in the name of Charity! 
We did it this year… Sans entourage….  But, next year it’s ON!  Are we insane? 

2.  Taste of Savannah is a must! 
LAST year we were wowed and wowed some more! 
This year not so much wowed, but honey and I were full with alot of different food! 
Nothing really stood out:-( 
I really do wish I could talk to somebody on the committee that designs the event…  More SITTING ROOM PLEASE! 
I know the tables and sitting room is mostly  reserved for VIP but, last year I was pregnant and I had to STAND this year I had to stand AGAIN… 
After standing for so many hours you do get a little tired and cranky!  
If you are staying for the final drawing THEN you HAVE to stay until the end.  More sitting room PLEASE, for those of us who cannot afford VIP tables would really love a plain, undecorated table to sit at rather then stand AT!  Thanks!!
Still a great event we will attend every year! 
All the deserts were GREAT! 
On a side note:  I think something is very wrong with me…. I find myself liking chocolate less and less.  ( SHHH…  I could only take one bite of my chocolate truffle and then I threw the rest away…)

3.  Even if Da Bears did not make it to the Superbowl…  Honey and I still put on our Bears gear and routed for the underdog The Giants!  It was great we sat in bed,  eat our wings and watched the commercials….    And when myspace lets go of the rights to the commercials I can post some of my favorites and HAWT DAMN!!  THE UNDERDOGS WON!!!! 

So, far that all I can think of!  I am not quite sure if we have more…   I am sure as I think of some I  will post them! 
What are some cool Traditions you have?


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