Post Secret Sunday!!

10 Feb

This week these are good!  It’s the Valentines Special.  These acutally hit a nerve with me.  It’s really sad how one day is geared to make you feel either one of two ways. 
1.  Really high
2.  Really really low… 
If you are single you are watching men( or women ) walk by with; Teddy bears, roses, balloons and obscene amounts of chocolate…  And you are thinking to yourself, ” Why can’t that be my teddy bear, roses balloons and chocolate that is going to go right to my a**… ???”
I especially hate Feb 14th even though I am happily married.  I do not believe we should celebrate love, romance, and gift giving-in the name of love only one day a year…  I  we celebrate love every day of the year…. 
f you are single you are made to feel bad because YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYBODY!  
Do me a favor…
Send Valentines to your best-est girlfriends…  DRESS UP (in that fabulous little black dress…And your FMH- that’s  f*** Me Heels) go out to eat… And Valentines Day BASH! 
That’s what I use to do!  If you are single PLEASE don’t feel bad because you ARE single just think… 
When you find the man that treats you right, when you do find the man of the dreams your lonely Valentines day will be but, a distant memory and you will remember when…



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