Going in to unchartered waters…

13 Feb

Honey and I are business owners.  And I will be the first to tell you that straight out I was worried that we where going to have too much time together.  Remember as I stated before in The I have been tagged blog…  I crave alone time.  So, becoming business partners with honey scared me to no end. 
I am the type of person that craves space. ( Funny side note:  I am a Pisces which is VERY uncharacteristic of us fishes.  But, as usual I digress…)
I was worried that being in business with my husband was going to cause problems in our marriage. 
Well,  Honey and I hit our first “bump”, it wasn’t a wham bam here is it…  It was a gradual build.  And before you knew it…  It was the elephant in the room. 
We were snappy…
I wanted him out of the house
It was awkward
We co-existed

Before we knew it we had this unspoken distance between us!  I was told that sometimes that will happen…  I was told that sometimes you hit snags and you just have to recognize and bounce back.
I can’t help but, wonder if other couples who are in business together if they go through these cycles.  And if they don’t how do you prevent them?  And can they be prevented? 

It was honey that finally stepped up to the plate and took my hand and said LOOK, we are co-existing in this house!  We haven’t really spent anytime together.  This is NOT us!  We are not this couple that just lives together.  We are business owners but, we are so much more then that!  You are my soul-mate.  You are my other half and we cannot lose track of why we fell in love with each other in the first place. 

AWW… I “complete” him… HAHAHA
(All Jokes Aside)

It’s hard for me( miss independent) to have her husband around 24/7…
It’s hard for me to share my children( yes even my twins)
It’s hard for me to be married

And no, it’s not that I want my single life back.  And no, I am not complaining about being married( I know it seems like it…)   You have to understand I was single for a very long time.  And I am afraid that I will lose aspects of myself if I conformed to married life( I know I should have thought before I got married) 
I guess what I want to know is AM I NORMAL? 
Do all married women go through this?

And just a note.  I am VERY thankful for the life I have. My a husband that truly loves me.  And all in all…  We work fabulously as a team…

Growing pains…  I guess is what you call it..  Miss Independent is realizing her grasp on the Independent is fading.  Letting go of insecurities is a pain but, realizing your safe I think is a better feeling…  In the mean time….  Anybody who has a business with their husbands… I would really like some insight on how it works… 


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