It’s Post Secret Sunday! I didn’t forget ya’ll…

26 Feb

I got a couple of emails asking me were is my Post Secret Sunday…  I didn’t forget…  I just was feeling REALLY bad… All last week I was having chest pain that radiated into left arm… And Sunday evening/Monday morning I shot out of bed in pain… And I thought my heart was being riped from my body I lost my breath and from that moment on I was in alot of discomfort.  Jason did wind up taking me to the ER and was diasnosed with something called Chest Wall Pain…  After they pushed on my chest ( REALLY HARD… ) and I said ouch….
I think I have a little bit more going on…  They gave me Lortab for pain and a new BP med but, the Lortab doesn’t even come close to making me feel better… Just really HIGH! 
They didn’t take any sorta labs or anything like that… 
I guess I am starting to feel better… I am blogging so, I guess …
But, then again it could just be the Lortab… HAHA!  Here is your post secret sunday:





One Response to “It’s Post Secret Sunday! I didn’t forget ya’ll…”

  1. Jenny February 27, 2008 at 3:07 am #

    Humor me and go to *your* doctor. Hopefully, it really is no big deal, you stay high as a kite for a couple days and are good as new. I know you know this…

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