Must’ve been a fish…

26 Feb

I am going to be giving my babies my own little(fun) water babies sesson this summer…  
Yep! I said ME!  I am water certified in anything you can think of! Accept SCUBA!  
If you happen to live in my area( libery Co ,Bryan or even if you want to make a drive) and would like to join for me a bi- weekly play date with me and the boys…  I will be teaching a mommy and me water familiarization class!  It’s free! The only thing that I ask if you do bring your children..  Please bring sunscreen, a towel, I will supply the pool and all the toys!!
I will have a roatating lunch schedule…  The first week I will make lunch and then thereafter I will have  a weekly sign up sheet! 
At the end of the session I will give your baby a water certificate of completetion along with a small picture album!  I have been doing this since I have been 18 and it’s something I love to do! 

ALSO, as much as I hate to do this…  Please be advised I will be having my mommies fill out something saying in the event something should go wrong we will not be sued. 
Please let me know if all you mommies in my area if you are intrested in doing this! 


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