April Asks a question…

29 Feb

My good friend April Groves puts out an awesome newsletter every Tuesday called Turn Around Tuesday, if you are not a part of her mailing list I really encourage you to sign up!  I am not encouraging you to sign up because she is my friend.  I encourage you to sign up because, she always has some awe inspiring quote that just makes you say “YES APRIL” I HEAR YOU! 
Mah girl is going to be on Oprah one day. Mark my words!!!  

Where do you find inspiration, motivation and a general “pick me up when I am feeling sorry for myself” quip?

After the great learning week I had I really had to take a step back and think.  Do I have a pick me up?   What do I really do when I feel sorry for myself (Aside from happy hour…  He He…)  So, I too have to really think about what does… Would it be really sad to say I read Harry Potter?  All the damn time…( ok complete over exaggeration but I read them allot)

So, really I need to think about this some more!  
And I encourage you to do the same!

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