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Sat. 16th…

26 Feb

Was the one of the  Groves’s girls first last birthday…  So, she had a dual birthday party for both of her youngest girls.  They were born 51 weeks apart…  So on the week of Valentines… They are the same age…  Yep wrap your mind around that!

I almost did not go! 

And I have to be honest with you guys as too why… 
My two oldest children are in the  autism `spectrum.  Which means that their social skills are affected and they can come across as unruly, rude or what ever other preconceived notion one might have of children in the spectrum.   Don’t get me wrong April’s family has been wonderful when it comes to embracing my children so, it’s not like we haven’t had play dates before… 
It’s my own mental (road block)  It was something I needed to get over. 
Everything in baby steps….  So, what did I do?  I jumped right in the fire… HAHA

I have to tell you what the night held… 
Birthday cake… 
Presents being opened…
Children laughing and talking about Webkinz

Adults catching up on life in general…  Even though April and I see each other on a weekly basis we are like too passing ships…  We say hi bye and see you soon…  With the promise to call and then before you know it… BAM the week is over and no phone calls…  It’s Called LIFE!!  The really cool thing about April and I is when the business hats come off…  We can pick up right were we left off!  You don’t find girlfriends like that everyday!
The night had mnay high points but, as a mommy let me tell you what was one of mine…  My children ( all of them…)  Behaved beautifully!  When you live day to day with Autism…  you never know what to expect.  
Saturday the 16th I was so proud of them!  They  played well with the other children, they said please and thank you…  And most of all ( YAY )  Victoria didn’t have ANY MELT DOWNS….
I could not have asked for a better day all the way around GREAT COMPANY!  GOOD TIMES!  And AWESOME FOOD!!!
I am so happy to have had the privilege to share such an awesome day with April and her family!  What an amazing group of people! 


The princess is back in the house!

25 Feb

I had to take a break from bloggin!  I had so much swimming in my head and I needed some me mental time!  Many learning points happened last weekSo much happened in the past week.  I am going to blog about it in segments!  My birthday was this week(feb 19 ).  I turned 32..  And I have to tell you guys something!  You cannot pay me enough to go back to my 20’s I am lovin my 30’s! 
I am sure of myself! 
I have confidence! 
And I am FAB-U
 Just call me Leo the Late Bloomer!  Anyways… I am going to blog about my week starting with LAST Sat( Feb 16 )….


Post Secret Sunday!!

18 Feb


Its almost my birthday!

15 Feb

It’s almost my birthday I will be 32… 

In one year my life has changed so, much! 
The high points of this past calendar year. 
I gave birth to my twin boys… AND OH BOY what an awesome time its been! 
Life with twins has been amazing fun and well…  FABULOUS!  I love being a mommy! 
Honey and I made it a year ( marriage!)  What an awesome journey it has been! 
We gave birth to our new company! 
We know, no matter what life throws at us… We can over come!!

Low points…

Learning points….
People are going to talk about You…  It may not always be true…  And so, what?  As long as you know the truth and those that REALLY matter…  Let them talk… eventually people will find out the truth… 
Paitence is truly a virtue…
Confidence will take you a long ways…
FAKE confidence will take you even further!
In awkward situations the only person you can control is you…
I will NO longer have a mental filing cabinet, I will put into use my  mental shredders, having a mental shredder  will prevent me from getting grey hairs, ulcers and will help my heart condition… 
All in all I will let go of the past and just live for my fabulous future…

Each day that passes I fall more and more in love with my babies…
Each day that passes I fall more and more in love with my husband…

I think that is about it…

Finally … We have come to a healing point!

14 Feb

Last year I almost lost one of my twins. 
I was nursing him and he stopped breathing… 
his heart stopped and, I had to preform CPR on him, it’s something a mother should never have to do!  
A traumatic expirence to say the least. 
Jason has never address the severity of the situation.  He always down played it I guess to help me cope with everything. 
We had a conversation about life and things.  And he said something along the lines of he, “couldn’t imagine ever losing a child, it’s bad enough we had to deal with ALMOST losing one of the twins last year.” 
My heart stopped.  I couldn’t say anything.  For almost a year now I have been waiting for Jason to acknowledge the severity of what happened last year.  And yes he was supportive especially during my post partum depression, he was awesome through everything but, he had never really said anything out-loud. I have been waiting for that,  that what we went through  was real  and that he understands that we DID almost lose our baby. 
It was a big step in my healing process. 
We went through some dark times,
First we had to deal with our son, he came home on a heart monitor we had to get use to all the sounds and beeps
Now add selp deprevation of  not just one baby TWO babies.  
Next we had somebody trying to sue us because, she wanted to be vendictive and she was having a hard time getting over the past( and I am not talking about some MONEY.. I am talking about thousands…)
A little dash of nervous energy with meeting my in-laws for the first time( which winded up being absolutely WONDERFUL)
Top it all off with… his ex wife decided she was going to make an appearance( not something I wanted to deal with)… 
It was one thing after another. 
In time everything I got over and forgave… 

If you have never dealt with:
1.  Losing or child 
2.  coming close to losing a child
Then you might think it’s silly to still be lamenting over what MIGHT have happened and not what DID happen. 
Jason helped me with a huge milestone and even though he made no more mention of what happened last year.  It was nice to get some kinda reassurance,  I am finally ready to live and learn and not look back,  I knew something was missing  and that was it.
One thing I can say…  As I hold and hug my baby.  I am so thankful that I knew what to do,  that I could preform CPR and that everything is  OK! 
I thank God every single day for putting breath back into my baby…  And even when he is crying and I am trying to get work done.  it doesn’t bother me because, this blog could be very different.  But it’s not and that is why I am thankful!
If you never experience the pain I went through that day then good for you. If you have, then please know you are not alone in your journey…

A little OOO…La-La before Valentines Day!

13 Feb

My good friend Christine sent this to me.

How beautiful is this… nothing less is what every woman deserves and should demand… We are beautiful amazing creatures and men have long forgotten the each on of us is an individual and exquisite. Women also should treat thier men just as equally well……. for each one is a gift.. a beautiful entity in his own right……….

“Seduce me write me a poem tell me about the scent of musk at the nape of my neck that you dream of spending sultry summer days between my breasts that if you could taste me it would be mangoes and tropical breezes on your tongue keeping you up at 2am for weeks staring at black ceilings legs entwined in sheets wiping your brow wondering when the next will be
 seduce me write me a poem drop those weak pick up lines and overwhelm me with quotes from Nerudas 100 love sonnets tell me i walk in beauty like the night trace the lines in the palm of my left hand decipher then read and whisper their meaning to me tell me my life line crosses your destiny imprint your words on me like overnight scratchmarks leave butterflies in my stomach with honeysuckle syllables that remind me of first kisses and holding hands at recess
seduce me write me a poem that prays my name and preaches our passion chant a litany of our lovemaking to come under your breath with the faith of withered hands holding rosaries in cathedrals until images of us entwined in each other burn themselves inside our minds like incense at mass seduce me write me a poem with your eyes lock glances for a moment across a crowded room soft smirk on full lips and a slow deliberate blink followed by a flutter of eyelashes that says damn I wish…
seduce me write me a poem with your body approach me with the certainty of the tide move to me without doubt or question make me your origin and your destination let music be the catalyst that lets our bodies meet spin me in an out of conga rhythms lead me into a Coltrane wail grind me into the bass-line of between the sheets… then pull me close enough to feel our hearts beat together when we dance
seduce me write me a poem that that speaks of our timelessness remind me it was you I loved in a past life on some faraway continent tell me I carry you in my genes that I can’t forget you if I tried that our memories are engraved into eternity that time is just a theory to us
seduce me write me a poem that needs no words compose a silent sonnet on soft bare skin where your caress on exposed back speaks that syllable I need to hear you a poem where melding bodies become the book where shallow breathing becomes prose where you seduce me and inspire me to write you the poem that shows you how to love me
by May Del Valle”

I still cry at weddings…

13 Feb

TopHat Affairs can facilitate everything you need in one stop!  Even tears!!  Today a couple got married totally spur of the moment!
I have to brag on my vendors here just for a moment…
Shirley Rowe from Rowe Photography  we called them @ 5:00 in the evening and asked if she could take pictures for the couple as a memento…  And it was done! 
We called our florist for a bouquet at the end of business she said NO problem! 
Amazing!  To say the least!

Something so rewarding to see a couple in love embark in life’s journey as husband and wife!  Oh and the endless possibilities in their new chapter!  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we had a BIG part in that! 

The ceremony they picked was the simple one but, still hearing it brought tears to my eyes.  As with every other ceremony honey has officiated! 

I don’t think I will ever be immune to weddings.  I think I will always shed a tear!  Man I really love the career field we have chosen.  It gives me the warm fuzzies….