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All the Colors of the Rainbow: April is Autism awareness month!

31 Mar

I have a couple of bloggy challenges that I am doing to do!  First it’s the write a letter every day this month…  Second is give one fact about Autism everyday!!  Here are some events and highlights that are going to be going on this month you can see more at

APRIL 2nd is WORLD AUTISM DAY!!I wrote this a couple of years ago and it’s become a tradition of mine to start Autism Awareness month with it!  Here’s to finding a CURE!  God Bless You all!!

Hi Im Autism!

Hi! Im Autism…
I am like a thief in the night…
I come to unsuspecting kids!
I DONOT  discriminate!
I don’t care if you are POOR. RICH. BLACK. WHITE. PURPLE. GREEN!!!!
I am in very single neighbor hood.
I can be your next door neighbor!
I rob you of your child of  speech and rational thoughts!
Although I am told, I am intelligent…is a matter of a fact, they believe that I inhabited Einstein!
Who am I?
I am AUTISM! I AM AUTISM! I am here to stay! I am not leaving! I have been here since the DAWN OF MAN!
I am devastation!
I am heartbreaking!
I can be your worst nightmare!
I GROW in numbers, every  twenty minutes, a child will be diagnosed in my SPECTRUM!
You have no idea who I will strike next! 
How can I be beaten!??

INVOLVEMENT!-Dolores Schwartz ( All Rights Reserved )

This doesn’t have to be IT!  If we ban together we CAN come up with the CURE!  WE CAN BEAT THIS!  I have faith… And so should you!  Here’s to a FABULOUS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH!

Oh Mister Rabbit he had a naughty habit…

31 Mar


Hmmm…  I think that is how that song goes!  HA-HA…  Anyways, I just want to show y’all what happens when Mr Rabbit doesn’t listen to the farmer and keeps eating his cabbages…( WAHHHHAHAHAHa<—- that’s my SUPER evil laugh…) 
This is the cake Honey and I worked on together!  It was alot of fun…  The twins couldn’t help but, they really enjoyed the frosting! 
It was a total suprize to the other  kids!! 

Roller Blading Disaster!

31 Mar

It’s 100% official I am OLD! 

Honey bought me a pair of Rollerblades per my request(they are PINK!!!!)!  Sigh… The last time I roller bladed was back in 1994, so, it’s been a min or two!  And I thought, roller blading just like riding a bike!  NO BIGGIE!  HA!  I WAS WAY WRONG!  
Honey and I got all strapped up and BOOM he takes off…  Um, I thought OK, if he can do it I can! 
Within 5 minutes of being on my blades I was eating dirt and what did honey say?  ” Whatcha doing on the ground???”  I said, ( insert favorite cuss word and insult here) 
I never did get the hang of it…( for now at least) 

Anybody looking for a good workout?  Put on a pair of roller blades and push a baby stroller!  hehe…  The only reason why I was eating dirt as much as I should have been was because of the stroller so, good for a work out and balance! 
Strength I kick A@@ but, cardio and endurance…  I need to work on…  Ok I will let you guys know how today goes! Wish me luck!

post secret sunday

31 Mar


“PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail
in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard”- Frank( Creator of Post Secret)

My life is like a mixed tape…

31 Mar

For some reason Z102 changed it’s format again and now it’s called mix 102.1…  
The songs they were playing this morning… 
 Brought me way back to my high school years.  The happiest times my life…   So, I couldn’t help but, smile and think about a song list that reminds me of really good times in my life…

Bryan Adams…    I can remember sitting with my boyfriend…  on our way to a Cross Country meet…  Holding hands listening to Bryan Adams…  sneaking a kiss here and there…   HeHe… 

Sinad O’Connor…  Nothing Compares To You will always take me back… ( SIGH…) Just a side note…  You will ALWAYS remember your first love…  No , matter how insanely psycho you got AFTER the brake up…  ( hangs head in shame…)

Richard Marx is another one that puts a smile on my face… 

Depeche Mode was huge in Germany….  I can sing the ENTIRE album violator by heart…

The Cure   Swim Team… Cross Country… Cheerleading… 

Peter Gabrial…  In your eyes…  Need I say more?

Vanessa Paradis was huge in Germany as well…  GREAT TIMES!!

Sophie B Hawkins-nobody caught the lyrics but ME!  HAHA

What takes you back?

Earth Hour March 29

28 Mar

If you click here  you will see what it’s all about…
‘Earth Hour’ founder Andy Ridley said 371 cities, towns or local governments from Australia to Canada and even Fiji had signed up for the 60-minute shutdown at 0900 GMT on March 29″

I’d really like to know how this is actually going to work. ( scratches head…) 

The bloggy challenge.

28 Mar

I think I am going to do this challenge.  And I know I didn’t do my thursday 13 but, things are insane here at our ZOO( haha)….  The theme is letters…  How much fun can this be?  And how freeing it can be as well…   Let me know if you are going to join me! 

A message to all members of NaBloPoMo

Just a quick note to tell you that the daily blogging theme for April
is going to be LETTERS.

For writers, this can mean letters to the editor, love letters, fan
letters, ransom notes — I’m not encouraging illegal activity, but the
list is endless.

For typography lovers, it’s a month full of fonts!

For photographers, it’s license to go out and shoot things both manmade
and natural that resemble a member of our beloved alphabet.

If you can think of more ways to apply this theme, feel free to start a
new topic in the forums!

And as always, if you’d like to be on the April blogroll of
participants, go to, click on the Blogrolls tab, and follow the

Happy posting!


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