Men are funny creatures..

2 Mar

I have an addiction to pralines!  Bubbles for the Cure got an obscene amount of pralines donated.  We had some left over so we spilt up the boxes and we took them home…
When we got home, I knew I could eat the box of pralines all myself in one sitting( honestly I have no self control when it comes to pralines).  So, I asked Honey to hide the pralines in a place I could not find it! 
Honey said “NO PROBLEM” 
The other day…  I was looking through my closet!  Yes, I said MY CLOSET  and I saw something that did not belong!  And guess what was hiding?  Yep, the pralines! 
Oh, I do love my husband!  Ha Ha…  But, why on earth are you going to hide something inside MY closet??  Ha Ha..

Now…  Here comes the true challenge…  How much self control am I going to have?  Guess what?  I found them on Thursday and I have only snuck one!  So, far so good!   Although I am going to fire honey from hiding things!  Blah…


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