What do you wish you could say to somebody??

3 Mar

My BB ( bloggin buddy )Moon Dreams and Day Beams, wrote an awesome blog about “What do you wish you could say to somebody!?”   Which she got from Karen Sugarpants.  So, here goes… ( shhh… I even stole one from her… hehe…  She stated it so beautifullly I couldn’t help myself…)
1. You need to take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others.

2.  The bruises healed years go, but, your awful mean words still haunt me to this day. 

3.  I am more on your side then what you think I am.  

4.  Your not better then anybody else. 

5.  Don’t be so pathetic!  Stand up for yourself!  Look in the mirror and think to yourself….  YOUR AMAZING!  YOUR BEAUTIFUL!  And you deserve better then what you believe you have gotten…  Once you really start believing in yourself you will be unstoppable!  It comes from within…  Not another person!

6.  You were never a threat!  Don’t put yourself on such a pathetic pedestal.  I allowed you, to have a friendship, yeah that’s right I said ALLOWED it, and you couldn’t even RESPECT my wishes.  You had to call later then what I asked. Let’s see…  what sorta excuse are you going to try and come up with… Oh, your an hour earlier then me?  Well then you  still would have been calling late.   Your selfish!  That’s why nothing works out in your world… I really hope your HUSBAND finds out about EVERYTHING

7.  I have few regrets in my life.  I do believe that all roads led me to were I am now.  I just want to say I am really sorry for everything I put you through.  I have no excuse, but, really for what its worth I do hope everything worked out. 

8.  You expect too much out of people, you don’t know how to love unconditionally…

9.  Did you really think it would not get back to me? I was madder than hell to find out that you were behind the insanity, the gossip and the rumor, but I forgive you because I realize it all worked out for the best. Now? Now I am just sad for you.

10.  I always believed in you.  Your the one that never believed in yourself. 

11.  I forgive you

12.  Nothing will ever be right in your life until you do right by your children. 


2 Responses to “What do you wish you could say to somebody??”

  1. christygriner March 3, 2008 at 6:31 pm #

    Right on!

  2. tophataffairs March 4, 2008 at 12:30 am #

    Yeah! What a great idea for a blog! It was very freeing! HUGS!!

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