When did things become so hard?

5 Mar

Last week my child came home, and told me that a little girl didn’t want to sit beside him because he was white. My heart sank.  Why do we teach children hate at such an early age?  
I don’t ever remember seeing color at the age of eight.  
Is a matter of a fact the first time I was introduced to preduicism is when I came here in 1993.  I was in history class and this girl looked at me and said you don’t look like me  and she called me a “spic“.  Welcome to the South Dolores! 

I asked my son how that made him feel.  What he replied brought tears to my eyes and made me giggle out loud for a good bit. 
This isn’t word for word what he told me but, it was something along the lines of this….  Momma, I know I am different, because, of the way my brain works.  And I do get made fun of allot, I really want people to like me.  But,  she didn’t want to sit next to me because, of my skin?  That’s just stupid!  I am not white I am chocolate. 
Ah! The innocence of a child.  After my hardy laugh I sat him down( over ice cream of course) and I explained to him, that people will hate other people for the way the look, dress, speak, talk, and yes, the color of their skin.  But, that I wanted him to remember how it felt at the moment that little girl said those mean things to him, and always remember to treat other people like he wanted them to treat him. 
He then, told me.  Momma that is why I am nice to everybody because, I want people to be nice to me, and not make fun of me. 
My son is VERY aware he is different.  
I can assure you that it’s not from my doing. What I am gulity of is  sheltering him.  I cannot help it! 
I am a mother! 
I am a protector!  But, even in my own protectiveness maybe I did stunt a little bit of growth. 
The lesson that I needed to learn from him was that, as much as I want to shelter him from the world.  He will be put in the face of hate, boy does that hurt.  But, you know what?  I have faith…  And yeah, he might have some hang ups but, he is a good likable kid.  Who will go places and I want to mold and shape that.  Not stunt his growth. 


3 Responses to “When did things become so hard?”

  1. FXSmom March 6, 2008 at 7:03 pm #

    That is sad. I’ll never forget hearing my uncles say how horrendous Puerto Ricans were when I was like 12. I had just learned that I was adopted and my biological mother was Puerto Rican. It shattered my heart.

  2. christygriner March 6, 2008 at 8:19 pm #

    That is just so awful. It makes me ashamed to be a member of this tribe we call the world. I am so sorry for him – but know it will make him stronger. There is no room for racism and prejudice here.

  3. tophataffairs March 9, 2008 at 4:51 am #

    FXmom- I really wish adults could understand the impact words have at such an early age! I am really sorry you had to expirence heartache at such an early age! But, I still think you turned out amazing!

    Christy- No, I no I have no tollerance for racism and/or prejudice… And it will make him stronger and it will make him a better person… I just wish he had to learn it diffrently! But, that is the momma bear in me!!

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