Figuring things out!

9 Mar

Yep after so many months of having this account I am finally figuring out how all this works!  I wish I could change my skin and really make it mine.  Maybe one day!
I really want this to be “my little space” So, I added a book page.  And I have over 1000+ library of books I have honestly read…  And about 500+ that I have not.  I read anything I can get my hands on and I am not kidding.  I am not going to post all the books but, I am going to post those worth mentioning.  So, bear with me as I add those to my list.
I added a list of blogs I love to read.  I will add the links in as soon as I can! 
I added a random list of “me” things.  It’s as scattered as my thoughts are!  It’s just a list of things I love and bits of factoid about me.  I am sure that is going to be a never ending list!  Maybe just maybe you might find out somethings about me you didn’t know!
Oh and I made my About me page a little bit more noteworthy.  Something I learned in my UN-Conference blogging thingy…  Is that people actually do read the about me.  So…  I did that as well!  

Happy Margarita weekend…  ( he he…)


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