Dolores is going to lighten up a little and is going to talk about cooking!

12 Mar

Alight, I figured it was kinda a change of pace.  We all know I am pro -“He’s Just Not That Into You”, in your face kinda girl, I really do not want to tire ya’ll out and sound naggy so, I am going to change the pace! 

With that being said–Let’s talk about cooking  The ever popular “they” say a way to a man’s heart is his tummy… 
IS that true? 
I asked Honey and he said, “my cooking was a spectacular bonus( he says that’s better then amazing)”  So, I guess “they” kinda know what “they” are talking about…  ( Shrugs)

I am good at a couple of things.  I like to think I am a kick ass cook! I don’t know how many of you think it’s a chore but, to me it’s like making love.  And I am not kidding.  And I don’t mean that wham- bam thank you ma’am kinda bedroom mambo stuff I mean the true meaning of making love.  

Cooking- The right pots and pans…
Making love-The correct body parts or not….

Cooking- Spices
Making Love- A little bedroom spice is always nice… ( wink)

Cooking- Recipes( instructions or have have you…’)
Making love-Karma Sutra, Joy of Sex, Sex for dummies( you get the point)

Cooking-prep work takes time, preheating the oven, making sure everything is place, having all the right stuff… 
Making Love-  Prep work takes time…( need I say more? )

Cooking-wing it
Making Love-wing it( it could be the BEST squishy love of your LIFE!!)

I know what some of you are thinking?  Oh no she is NOT!  YES I AM!!  

Let me take you on a journey. 
Cooking is sensual. 
It’s erotic and if you can find that one dish that speaks to you.  Oh the possibilities are endless. 
Now I know some of you burn water…  And that is OK, cooking is something that can be taught( oh yes but, it can)  I wasn’t always the rock-star in the kitchen.  It was something that I learned. It took some time to get use to, and it took tons of practice in the kitchen 
And now?  I do, what I call nose cook.  I can look at a recipe and think…  Hmmm I think I can add this this and that. And I know which spices go with which cooking group…  My husband is amazed…  ( hehe) 
For novices do not do this.  Stick to what the recipe calls for and, stick to it like it’s your instruction manual for the best sex EVER!!  Because what transpires in the kitchen and lead to fire works in the bedroom!  As you can see I am a huge fan of pre-pre-foreplay.  And why?  Because, ladies it works!  So, the next time you are wanting to cook for that special somebody. 
Here are some tips. 

If you are a novice cooker.  And you know if you are, don’t try and fool yourself to believe you can cook a gourmet dinner.  Try something very basic!  But, give it an awesome presentation! Candles, mood music, flowers ( you know make it all kinds of sexy) 

Stick to the recipe to a T do not and I repeat DO NOT deviate from it! 

If you are cooking with somebody.  Wear something sexy and curve fitting.  Bending, lifting, moving your body can be OH so sexy in so many ways.  Mix up-spoken body language with the aroma of the kitchen.   Who knows it might BE ON in the kitchen( just make sure nobody is going to walk in on you…HA-HA)

Have fun!  And BE happy when you are cooking there’s an old saying that( and it not verbatim so, please do not quote me)…  The mood you are cooking in will transpire into your cooking so, always be happy in the kitchen! 

And once again OH YES I DID!!!  It’s not family friendly but, OH it was a fun post to write!


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