When life throws you a bone…

16 Mar

I have this friend… 
We have had our shares of ups and downs you know that friend, but, at the end of the day you know no matter what your friendship can weather anything. 
This friend has really been the butt end of many blogs.  Especially back in the day were I use to blog at myspace. He has been my MAN MUSE, and I live vicariously through his drama( it’s pretty funny…  I will have to post some of my archives)…
 It’s not that I like drama( at least my own), I am often amused um, amazed at the situations he has found himself in,(and it’s been many bloggable situations)
This situation my friend has found himself in is a doozie. 
But then again, maybe I am being a little bit too pre-judgmental…

The background:

E(guy) and B(girl) went out.  Although they had good times it was a very rocky relationship.  B had issues( trust, self esteem), B- is an attractive, well educated, all out fun girl, really not a bad thing I can say about her (shocking I know).  and, I do not know her personally you can tell allot about a person by her myspace page AND  I am going on what E has told me about her(all good). 
E is a smoking hot, fun loving bald cool as it gets man…   ( yes I have met him personally) A damn good catch if you ask me. 

The break-up:

One of those bad ones. Oh, you know the ones I am talking about, the very bitter, hurtful and even down right ugly, kinda break-ups.  
Unfortunately B is still holding on( she didn’t read “He’s Just Not That Into You”). 
She is under the “guise” of let’s be friends and I can handle just being friends with you.  Let me say this. 
No such thing as let’s be friends!! ( don’t yell at me unless…  it’s one of those mutal break-ups)
We ladies aways have an ulterior motive…  YES it’s TRUE! 
We are hoping by us being friends with the guy, we can make him see what he is missing, and it will win us a space back into his heart. 
Ladies really, it hardly ever works out and it even hurts worse the second time around.   (unless your ME…  But, the read  sorted love story it was a long hard road)
E. is one of those nice guys- You know the ones he still wants to try and make everybody happy, doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings…  ( oh the list goes on and on….) and he is tried to be friends but, it’s always ended up in an argument.  
Almost six months later and still…  it’s a pretty messy situation…

The plot thickens….

E is on a radio show called Sports Talk Soup and it’s a pretty cool little dig( You should stream it on your puter sometime! )Ok well are you ready for this??
 B and E are BOTH going to be host’s on this show.  Now here is something you should know.  The chemistry is going to be amazing come football season because, they both have a love for the Philly Eagles!  But as of right now, I am really curious to see what is going to happen.  Keep in mind  B took the break up pretty hard…. Personally??
I think it’s a recipe for disaster because, I do believe that B has that “women ulterior motive”!  Tell me what you think could it work? 
Many exes have worked together… Why not this couple? 
I will be tuning into Sports Talk Soup…  And I will be giving you guys updates… Oh I love it…  GOSSIP first hand…  No um, gossip is BAD…  Oh JUST TUNE IN!!  HA-HA

All in all…  Life threw E a bone and he went and chased it…  ( he he )


4 Responses to “When life throws you a bone…”

  1. Jenny March 19, 2008 at 2:05 am #

    I have to disagree; a woman can be just friends with an ex without an ulterior motive. However, in order for it work, both parties have to let the romatic relationship go… completely.

    Presumably, for there to have been a romatic relationship there had to be basic traits that attracted you. Just because the romatic relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean those traits disappear. The trick is, to remember exactly why things didn’t work out romantically.

    I love most of my ex’s, I adore them and I’d do just about anything for them… except take them back. They were good people before and they’re still good people now; we’re just no good together.

    I think it just really depends on the personalities involved.

  2. tophataffairs March 19, 2008 at 10:05 am #

    Taps fingers on keyboard! Yes, Jenny you are the exeption to the rule… You always have one…
    I can tell you alredy that B– Does still have romantical feelings for E… If you look on her myspace page it still looks like they are together sans the “in a realationship” ALL and I mean all of the pictures are up when they are together. E had to be really nasty with her a few weeks ago and said that their friendship was TOXIC… Oh it wasn’t a pretty site… Because she is hanging on the notion that they are gonig to get back together, when clearly… E has no intention of it.

    I have seen something similar to this before…
    This women would call this man in the middle of the night when her heater went down, she would call him to fix a fuse, she would call him for any chance she got… All under the guise of being friends… And then she would write him emails expressing her undying love to him… She DID everything to try and get him back… She would even call him over and be naked … Yep… She even threw herself at thim… Well of course when the rubber met the road and he didn’t go back… It turned into he was “stringing her along…” when really the only person she has to blame is herself… All the signs were there… And even though he should have been totally honest in the first place… She really should have known” He just wasn’t that into her…”

    Their is a book called ” IT’s called a break up cuase it’s broken” GREAT BOOK from the same author has he’s just not that into you… Talks about all this…

    If B can get her feelings in check all will be GREAT!!

  3. Jenny March 19, 2008 at 9:30 pm #

    If she won’t or can’t let it go, then he’s going to have to walk away. Yes, they still have to work together, but confine it to work hours at the office and leave it there.

    Just because she’s ringing his phone doesn’t mean he has to answer.

  4. tophataffairs March 20, 2008 at 1:36 am #

    Yes, tis true… I guess we will have to see…

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