Archive- What are we five???

19 Mar

Yep-  It’s taken from a good bit ago but, its a situation my Man Muse found himself in…  And oh You think this is bad…?? HAHAHAHA…   Seriously plenty more were that came from!!

I know it seems like I’m really down on the boys…
Well…OK boys yes!…

Women your letting ME DOWN!!
I’m 30 and I still hear about the games people play!
And I have to ask over and over again!! What are we five!!????
Can you do me a favor???
Think about your self respect for one minute!!?!?!?!?!?
Can you have a little bit of dignity!?!?!?!?!?!

I have an example of the one of the many “Games” I have found these past few months: We have three key players..( Circumstances are FICTION any relation between this and a similar situation is either a fault of your own…Or coincidence!!!)


Betty is hung up on Jerry!
Jerry likes Betty just not that much!!
But, Jerry has no other prospects, at this point in time!
SO, He strings Betty along! (really he just uses her because she lets him, another women that missed out on “He’s Just Not That Into You”)
Jerry tires of Betty and, brakes up with her via voice mail. He is a coward, and has a very hard time saying, “I’m sorry. Your not the one for me!” ( He would rather eat his leg before, he tells her that!)

Betty laments over Jerry. And thinks about all the great times they had! You know kisses on the forehead, whispering sweet nothings, the moon light walks on the beach…( BARF…) But, you get the picture!!
But, wait a twist to the plot. One Random day Jerry sees Betty…and he thinks, “Hm-mm she was alot of fun…I have nobody else at this point in time”

OK. Jerry woos Betty back. Betty falls for it! Let the game begin of ” I’m gonna string her along AGAIN…”(accept if Betty had any self esteem she would tell him to go suck an egg…)   Nothing has changed!

In walks Simon! Nice. Good Looking. Smart. He thinks the world of Betty!
BUT…DUM DUM DUM…Betty strings Simon along ACCEPT!
She has been honest about her feelings for Simon. Meaning she has told him “Im not over Jerry…Can we give this some time….!”
OK. I give the gal props for being honest! 
( oh boy here is were it gets GOOD)
So, Betty comes up with this BIRD BRAIN IDEA!
Betty tells Simon to tell Jerry….( did you get all that?), “WHAT a fool he is! For giving her up ….And( yes it gets better….) that he is SO stupid because, She is the best thing that he will ever have!”


I’M SORRY THAT IS THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!  Simon kinda thinks this is a good idea! It will make Betty happy and in turn it will make Simon the hero!
In turn she will get over Jerry and RUN into his arms!
She will not! She will be happy he did it!  And that is about all the door prize he will get!
So, not only did he compromise his dignity ( we have NO idea how Simon is going to react, and I honestly cannot see how this could be good…) But, it will not help him win Betty in the end! Nor, will be make Jerry see what a “FOOL” He has been this will drive Jerry away!

The only one that really has his head on straight is Jerry! The other two players need a reality check! Jerry he’s got the right idea! String Betty along she’s tons of fun(he’s a man…)!

And, it’s not that I condone using people for your personaly gain it’s that I do know that Men/Women will only get away with as much as WE allow them too…   It’s just…  Human nature!  And no, most people don’t behave like that, we just have that select few who will push the limits!  I digress…

Betty needs a good schooling in the arts of “HEY JERK…That is myself esteem your messing with…LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”! Instead she wants to add people to her drama!

OK OK…Getting over somebody is not easy!  I know about this! It’s hard! Your allowed to
Take a kick boxing class…anything!
I when I am feeling tip top…I go out and run! I take my IPOD and BAM I go!
Point is! DO something! When you want to text him/her…When you want to call him/her! GO OUT! CALL YOUR FRIEND! STAY AWAY FROM THE PHONE! You’ll feel much better about yourself!
And before you jump into something please allow your heart time to heal.  Rebound realationships are bad mojo!

As for Betty, Jerry and Simon…It’s DRAMA! WHO WANTS THAT!!!!  GRRRR


2 Responses to “Archive- What are we five???”

  1. Jenny March 20, 2008 at 1:58 am #

    Seems your Man-Muse may be a crazy magnet…

  2. tophataffairs March 20, 2008 at 2:16 am #

    Jenny that and then some! Ha Ha…

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