Are you trying to tell me something?

27 Mar

I have been trying to lose weight!  I have to be really honest with you( and myself).  I just want the weight to fall off. I do not want to work at it!  I do not want to have to diet( I LOVE FOOD– OBVIOUSLY )  and I do not want to have to spend my time in a gym staring at already toned beautiful women( GRRRRR… ) I want to sit on my ASS and eat chips and tiramisu anytime I FEEL like IT!! 
sigh alas, I let it out!  I want to be lazy without having to worry about anything!  I wasn’t built that way( the curse of the Hispanic women) and wishing I was thin IS not going to help me become thin.  I have to work at it and I have work hard. 

IT started with Saturday.  At the Easter Egg Hunt in Richmond Hill. My Boot-Camp(Derek Fraizer) trainer and I bumped into each other literally…  ( I haven’t been to boot-camp in a month…) So, he told me get back in and I said OK!

THEN…  on Tuesday, I saw my old WW( weight watchers ) meeting leader.  And she didn’t recognize me and I said OH I know how you are…  And I said, I totally failed at WW this time around.  And she said, “no you didn’t fail you I did”  I totally disagree!  The only person that failed was ME!  Well YESTERDAY…  Guess what came in the mail?  A coupon for a free meeting AND they will waive my joining fee as well!  How about that???

So, really I think the universe was trying to tell me something… So, what did I do?  Yesterday was my first day back at boot camp…  And to be total honest with you I should be more sore then what I am!  Which only means I need to TRY harder…  I am going to follow my WW books… Maybe even join a meeting.  Do any of my readers out there do WW and we can encourage each other?   And really do this!  I am still walking, riding, rowing around the world and I have only tracked 15 miles.  Which really doesn’t put me anywhere interesting..  Which is why I haven’t tracked it!  I will let you know when I hit a place of interest!


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