All the Colors of the Rainbow: April is Autism awareness month!

31 Mar

I have a couple of bloggy challenges that I am doing to do!  First it’s the write a letter every day this month…  Second is give one fact about Autism everyday!!  Here are some events and highlights that are going to be going on this month you can see more at

APRIL 2nd is WORLD AUTISM DAY!!I wrote this a couple of years ago and it’s become a tradition of mine to start Autism Awareness month with it!  Here’s to finding a CURE!  God Bless You all!!

Hi Im Autism!

Hi! Im Autism…
I am like a thief in the night…
I come to unsuspecting kids!
I DONOT  discriminate!
I don’t care if you are POOR. RICH. BLACK. WHITE. PURPLE. GREEN!!!!
I am in very single neighbor hood.
I can be your next door neighbor!
I rob you of your child of  speech and rational thoughts!
Although I am told, I am intelligent…is a matter of a fact, they believe that I inhabited Einstein!
Who am I?
I am AUTISM! I AM AUTISM! I am here to stay! I am not leaving! I have been here since the DAWN OF MAN!
I am devastation!
I am heartbreaking!
I can be your worst nightmare!
I GROW in numbers, every  twenty minutes, a child will be diagnosed in my SPECTRUM!
You have no idea who I will strike next! 
How can I be beaten!??

INVOLVEMENT!-Dolores Schwartz ( All Rights Reserved )

This doesn’t have to be IT!  If we ban together we CAN come up with the CURE!  WE CAN BEAT THIS!  I have faith… And so should you!  Here’s to a FABULOUS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH!


3 Responses to “All the Colors of the Rainbow: April is Autism awareness month!”

  1. theramblinghousewife April 1, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    Great cause!

    I am a former Special Ed. teacher who has worked with many, many children who have Autism.

    The rates in which Autism are rising are terrifying.

    Something definitely needs to be done!

  2. Becky April 1, 2008 at 6:33 pm #

    We can fix this problem.

  3. tophataffairs April 2, 2008 at 12:39 pm #

    Those who are Special Ed. teachers are amazing to care for somebody else’s children… Your fantastic!!

    Becky- We can fix this problem! And we will!!

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