My life is like a mixed tape…

31 Mar

For some reason Z102 changed it’s format again and now it’s called mix 102.1…  
The songs they were playing this morning… 
 Brought me way back to my high school years.  The happiest times my life…   So, I couldn’t help but, smile and think about a song list that reminds me of really good times in my life…

Bryan Adams…    I can remember sitting with my boyfriend…  on our way to a Cross Country meet…  Holding hands listening to Bryan Adams…  sneaking a kiss here and there…   HeHe… 

Sinad O’Connor…  Nothing Compares To You will always take me back… ( SIGH…) Just a side note…  You will ALWAYS remember your first love…  No , matter how insanely psycho you got AFTER the brake up…  ( hangs head in shame…)

Richard Marx is another one that puts a smile on my face… 

Depeche Mode was huge in Germany….  I can sing the ENTIRE album violator by heart…

The Cure   Swim Team… Cross Country… Cheerleading… 

Peter Gabrial…  In your eyes…  Need I say more?

Vanessa Paradis was huge in Germany as well…  GREAT TIMES!!

Sophie B Hawkins-nobody caught the lyrics but ME!  HAHA

What takes you back?


2 Responses to “My life is like a mixed tape…”

  1. christygriner March 31, 2008 at 5:56 pm #

    hmm…song selections sounds like it is up my ally. i may have to tune into the new mix!

  2. Brian Adams 11 April 4, 2008 at 2:38 pm #

    What mix are you talking about?

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