All the Colors of the Rainbow… If your so hell bent…( wah wah wah wah… )

4 Apr

It’s a rant!  It’s really easy for people on the outside looking in to critize what we parents go through…  With that being said…  I am up on my SOAP BOX…  Thank you!

I think I have struck a nerve with someone.  I was asked… ” If your so hell bent on helping children with Autism out then why haven’t you tried any thing that is on the market” 

OK ,first off I just want to say one thing.  Thank you for your email. 
I always welcome feedback, of any kind.  Not everybody is going to like me.  ( But, at least they DON’T like me for all the right reasons and not the WRONG ONES) 
Well, can you be a little bit more clear?  Are you talking about my last post?  If you are, let me enlighten you.  I am VERY happy that Jenny McCarthy is passionate about her(OUR) cause!  IT proves my point that Autism doesn’t discriminate.  AND I didn’t say I DISAGREE with her points of view, I have heard of the diets working to an extent.  Everything that has come out in reasearch is very short lived.  I want LONG TERM, crediable treatments that “cures” children WELL into thier adult lives.  I don’t want t quickie put a band aide on the problem.  I want LONG TERM!
I have a couple of problems with it. 
First off, AT this point in time.  We DO NOT HAVE A CURE FOR AUTISM.  Do you think we parents enjoy this life?   Some of our children cannot speak.  Some parent may or may NOT ever hear I love you mommy.  How in the hell do you think that makes us feel.  I cannot say one mother that does.  HOWEVER, we embrace it, it becomes our norm and we deal with it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  Some days are good!  Some days are bad! 
Why haven’t I tried any of the diets?  Or Treatments? 
The diet.   Let me tell you a little bit about my children.  They have a set way of eating.  They eat five things ONLY.  Now my son we make him at least TRY the food before he says he doesn’t like it.  And it works to a point but, still…  Have you looked at a gluten free diet?  Now, it’s healthy!  And really EVERYBODY could benefit from it.  But, do you know how much they would be missing out on? 
WHY?  When its hard enough having my child LEARN how to function in a “normal” society and not be looked upon as a freak.  ( see my other posts…)   Then to tell him he cannot partake in parties and such and make him stand out even more?  NO!  As I have stated over and over again.  The evidence supporting the diets are  inconclusive. 
Second, it’s expensive.  I, unlike Jenny McCarthy am not rich!  So, much like everything else that is good for us.  I really cannot afford it! 
So, my children would be miserable,  Because, I am taking away and replacing foods that they like with ones that may or may not taste the same or they just flat out don’t like.   So, in turn I would be broke and nobody would be happy…  Unlike now, my children are happy eating what they want and I have some money in my pocket to buy them webkinz!  Everybody WINS!

Then I was told “maybe your just lazy”  Sure!  Hey come live my life!  Let’s see raise two children with Autism, then be a mommy to 11 month old twin boys, be a wife, be a business owner.  AND STILL keep your head afloat!  Sure, come live my life! 

The Treatments: Some are painful.  Why on earth would I WANT to put my child though unnecessary pain!???  Once again NO Thank YOU!

So, if me NOT  jumping on the band wagon with all these “CURES” and “what- nots”, makes me a bad mommy then so be it!  I will own up to that title.  At least my children are happy!!  And that is enough to make any mommy’s heart smile. 

Until we can FIND a credible cure…  Then you will not find me doing anything to disrupt the flow of my children’s life.  You want to advocate for something?   Do it for EARLY INTERVENTION because, that is what saved me and my children’s life!!

Thank you!  I am off my soap box!  Have a FANTASTIC weekend…


4 Responses to “All the Colors of the Rainbow… If your so hell bent…( wah wah wah wah… )”

  1. that neophyte weblogger April 5, 2008 at 10:28 pm #

    Make yourself a comfortable seat on your soapbox! I can relate to your post. I am not one to get excited about current fads in treating autism. Most everyday people cannot afford the therapy, programs and treatments celebrities are fortunate enough to provide to their kids. Autism is the “invisible disability” and some people on the outside looking in are still afraid of “it” because it doesn’t always come with a crutch or wheelchair. I thank those who do understand and work hard to help everyone around them understand and accept autism too.
    For those who don’t get it, won’t get it and have nothing to contribute…keep in mind when you point your finger at someone, four are pointing back at you.
    Move over Diva, you got any room on that soapbox for me!?

  2. tophataffairs April 6, 2008 at 2:59 am #

    Thank you! You are more then welcome to come and partake in my soap box-ness! It is hard on us parents but, one way or another we do it… And we do it DAMN GOOD! You are more then welcome to join me!!

  3. Autumn April 7, 2008 at 4:23 pm #

    **applauds** Thank you SO much for this!!

  4. tophataffairs April 7, 2008 at 5:28 pm #

    Thanks!! Sometimes it’s just good to vent! IT’s jsut really easy to point the finger when you are have no idea what the other person is going through!!

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